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  1. MontyPyhton

    Vector 3's reserve flap design

    Bill, your point of view impresses me really. But why do you think that other manufacturers have another point of view? With other words: It is true: one accident caused by gear failure in one million reserve deploys is to much. But in this rare statistics it become difficult to blame a construction principle as a possible reason for a reserve total mal. Nowbody can say If the Vector flaps or the Mirage flaps (for example) will stay closed in a few million deploys. So I have to say that the only way to prevent this "flap locks" in a few million deploys is to put the reserve pc on the outside of the container, not covered by any flap. Bill, you are a ingeniously inventor and your inventions have saved countless jumpers arround the world. But in my opinion my theory sounds as logically as yours.
  2. MontyPyhton

    Vector 3's reserve flap design

    Sorry Bill & Rob, but I don't can agree. On the one hand the most of the modern rigs (for example Mirage, Javelin, Wings, Infinity, Atom, Voodoo, Talon FS) have pin covers which are tucked into another flap. They all are working great and they are all tested. On the other hand you should agree with the argument, that all Vector styled rigs have also a less security caused by the flap covered reserve pc's. So I think your theory is only a theory. The theory sounds logically - but the reality is another cup of tea. Bill, from your point of view you should built all new Vectors as pop-tops because in theory it's safer.
  3. MontyPyhton

    Hawkeye in Germany??

    I have three ideas: One of the most famous german riggers. Manufacturer of different helmets. German skydiving online store. Blue skies, MP
  4. MontyPyhton

    Reserve deployment

    The most jumpers I asked agree with the statement that the reserve deployment from all major container manufacturers (Mirage, Vector, Javelin, Tear Drop, Atom, Infinity, Wings, Talon and all the others) are equal. But some manufacturers say that their reserve deployment is significant better. For example, Jump Shack says that their Racer deploys in the half of the time compared to other manufacturers. Mirage Systems say this about their products: "Billy Weber of Billy's Parachute Service in DeLand, one of the foremost riggers in the industry and a familiar face from videos like Pack Like A Pro, found that the overall reserve deployment system was "the fastest I've seen, and I've seen 'em all". As a result, he bought 2 Mirages for his personal use. " Is it truth oder advertisement??? And ist there a difference between Vector styled rigs and (semi) pop-tops? In my opinion a good reserve deployment is the most important argument for purchasing a rig.
  5. MontyPyhton

    Overloaded Tempo

    Hey guys, once again: Thx 4 answers!
  6. MontyPyhton

    Overloaded Tempo

    I also have a problem with reserve sizes: The container is built for reserves up to Tempo 170. I'm 230 out the door and the 170 is certificated arround 200 lbs exit weight. A PD 160 R or SMART 160 would fit. But I don't want to jump a 160! So what is the smartest decision: overload or jump a reserve which is to small?
  7. MontyPyhton

    pro & cons pop-top containers

    In the gear reviews I read the following about pop-top containers: "i would never jump anything that has a reserve pin on the outer side of the container. I had a mid air collision with a friend who had a prem reseve opening. I passed through it and had his lines wrapped around the container and parted as i cleared." I recognized that other advantadges of the pop top are the better launch of the reserve pilot chute. But are there any disadvantages? What say the riggers about pop tops?
  8. MontyPyhton

    Why was I trained AFF on a ripcord?

    In my opinion there is only one reason for ripcords: The student has passed AFF and falls unstable on the back. When I made my AFF course I hated the ripcord systems: When I pulled the ripcord sometimes I had a few seconds to wait before i felt the opening shock. Sometimes 2-3 seconds sometimes only 1... I saw often student videos and often I saw pilot chutes which had problems to get into the airstream. You pull and you don't know what the PC does on your back. You can show on your back but in this case you may become unstable (horseshoe???). What happens if the HEAVY spring loades PC is on your back and you have no time to clear this situation and must shot your reserve in this PC? In this time of my career i felt often unsafe. After switch to the hand deploy system the fun side of the sport comes back. An other reason why I hated the ripcords was the ordeal of packing.
  9. MontyPyhton

    Which container??? (@ the riggers)

    It's only for people taller than 5'10" ( 1,90 M). I absolutely agree, the Wings EXT looks great - but i'm only 5'4" tall. And I want to jump a PD 190 or PD 210 - you jump a Saber 135 - that means, it will look like a turtle on my back. IMHO the reason for this is the design of the Wings (smaller spread but thicker). I think the Wings is a really damn good rig. One of the best on the market. Rock solid, innovative and cheap. But the design of the "old" Wings is not my taste because it would look like a student gear with this canopies. Some words to the infinity: Here in germany we have the Paratec "Next" and the Performance Variable "Omega". In my opinion both are similar than Infinity but with a better look and bridle protection (Next). They are both cheap. Check it out:
  10. MontyPyhton

    Which container??? (@ the riggers)

    Also wenn you would have enough money for a fully loaded Mirage or Vector? BTW, what do you say about the Talon FS?? @ mikkey: Thank you very much 4 informations
  11. MontyPyhton

    Which container??? (@ the riggers)

    Please tell me more. Which types of Talon FS are available from US and Australia? BTW, i think a FS would be a great choice. It seems to be really rock solid built and has better riser covers than the Mirage or Vector. A 170 container built for Zero-P will surely hold a 190 F111.
  12. MontyPyhton

    Which container??? (@ the riggers)

    PD 190 or Falcon 195 and Speed 170 or Smart 160/175. @ mikkey: Of course, Talons are available here like all other rigs on the market. The FS looks pretty good. It's another Vector clone. Aerodyne brings with the Icon a really good Atom Legend clone. I'm not sure if this would be a good choice.
  13. MontyPyhton

    Which container??? (@ the riggers)

    I want to buy a container that is freefly friendly, really rock solid built and has a great longevity. The container must also be very safe (especially flaps/covers and reserve deployment) and innovative in its features. My major decisions are: Mirage G3 Mirage G4 Vector 3 M - (worse built riser covers???) Voodoo Atom Legend Tear Drop Superfly I don't like the Wings because of its (in my eyes) ugly, FAT look. Imho the Javelin Odyssee has not a really a innovative design.
  14. MontyPyhton

    Barigo Vs Altimaster III

    I really love my Barigo! It's a great altimeter and in my eyes it has the coolest design of all. He is really small. I think Altimaster and Barigo are equal in functionality. The design is an individual point in the eye of the jumper. Both are a great choice.