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  1. Here is the updated NR that correctly IDs the defense fund. Blues Skies, Ronn
  3. EUGENE SKYDIVERS REGAINS RIGHT TO LAND AT CRESWELL AIRPORT Agreement helps pave the way for skydiving to return to Creswell CRESWELL, Ore—Urban Moore, owner of Eugene Skydivers, announced this morning that his business has regained the right to land parachutes at the Creswell Airport. “The settlement with the city cleared all hurdles and now it’s official. We can land at the airport,” stated Mr. Moore through some early morning text messages to employees and friends. Last August a settlement was reached between Eugene Skydivers and the City of Creswell in an attempt to end an eight-year legal battle. Although the agreement accelerated a resolution, Mr. Moore credits the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and the Airport Defense Fund (ADF) for providing much needed support during his legal challenge to the eviction of skydivers from the airport.“I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of USPA or the ADF. I’m looking forward to going back to work. This is a great day for skydiving,” continues Mr. Moore. The settlement has established safety guidelines and written procedures that both sides agreed to. The policies in place will ensure safe operations for all parties involved. Weather permitting skydiving is expected to resume at the Creswell airport as early as Thursday, Feb. 13. About Eugene Skydivers Urban Moore opened Eugene Skydivers in February 1992 at the Creswell Airport. During the last twenty-years, Eugene Skydivers has performed exhibition skydives for businesses, charities, and political campaigns. In 1998, an Oregon State skydiving record was hosted at the parachute landing area of the Creswell Airport. To date, Eugene Skydivers has successfully performed an estimated 70,000 skydives. The hours of operation are Thursday thru Sunday and by appointment.
  4. CRESWELL, Ore—Eugene Skydivers and the City of Creswell found a resolution to the long running dispute about skydivers landing on the Creswell Airport. On August 15, the city council addressed the matter during a public meeting. Community members were given an opportunity to voice their support or concerns about skydiving returning to the airport. Two key questions were at issue for the resolution to move forward. The first was to allow skydivers to cross the airport’s runway, and the second was to settle a lawsuit filed by Eugene Skydivers’ owner Urban Moore. Following public input, the council voted to accept the agreement by passing the two issues. The votes to affirm the runway crossing and the settlement were decided by a 5-2 and 6-1 decision, respectively. The agreement will end an eight-year battle between Eugene Skydivers and the City of Creswell. Moore declined to discuss the terms of the agreement, but states, “It’s a shame it took this long, but I’m glad the agreement is moving forward. If the resolution holds up, I look forward to a new working relationship with the city as we reintegrate onto the airport.” A time frame has not been set for when skydiving operations will resume at the airport, but Moore expects it will take some time for all the details to be worked out. The council’s vote “definitely helped pave the way for skydiving to resume, full time at the airport, much sooner than if we continued our litigation”, stated Moore. For additional information visit or the City of Creswell’s website About Eugene Skydivers Eugene Skydivers opened for business in February 1992 at the Creswell Airport. The organization has served the Eugene area, Southern Oregon, and Northern California for the last 22 years. Highlights for Eugene Skydivers include exhibition jumps for businesses, charities, political campaigns, and hosting a successful Oregon State skydiving record attempt. This year more than 1000 tandem jumps were safely performed. To date, Eugene Skydivers has executed an estimated 68,000 skydives. Business operations are Thursday thru Sunday and by appointment.
  5. Update to the Eugene Skydivers airport access fight. Blues Skies, Ronn
  6. Here is the latest news release from Eugene Skydivers. Blues Skies, Ronn
  7. Blues Skies, Ronn
  8. Eugene Skydivers has a new interim landing site while a permanent resolution is being sought at the airport. The interim site allows for experienced skydivers to jump. Blues Skies, Ronn
  9. Thank you. By the way Eugene Skydivers is flying up-jumpers now at there interim landing site. Blues Skies, Ronn
  10. Thanks for the repost. How to I get the link to be active? I've tried several times and failed miserably. Blues Skies, Ronn
  11. There is another discussion that's going on that seems to gotten positive results.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread[url] Blues Skies, Ronn
  12. Eugene Skydivers has issued a press release on this matter. Eugene Skydivers files FAA part 16 complaint against City of Creswell and Airport Blues Skies, Ronn