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  1. tosca

    stash bag

    Where do I buy a stash bag that: -is comfortable over my shoulders -is waterproof -has a waist band -is big enough for my rig and some other things like protective gear and food
  2. On all pilotchutes I have seen, tapes are on the outside. Is it always like this? Is there a reason for not having them on the inside?
  3. If you have jumped at dropzones with two or more airplanes, how did you plan for the loads with crw-jumpers to make it safe.
  4. I saw a guy that had a metal cutaway handle on his rig. Does anyone on this forum use this? Where did you buy it?
  5. I´m going to add a pinstop closer to the pilot chute to convert a throw out to a pull out (with the pilot chute still packed in the boc). If you would jump with this: How long would you like the lenght from the base of the pilot chute (where you´re going to hold it) to the pin stop to be?
  6. When landing in the snow, I check if the canopy is dry before I pack it. I got a reserve on my back, but I still don't want my main or my threerings to become frozen. "Pauli, along with several other jumpers, had been jumping the day prior and landing into very deep snow. The jumpers shook the dry snow out of the canopies prior to packing, but evidently Pauli didn't remove it all. What's left melts inside the packed rig while it sat in a warm room. The jumpers deposit the rigs into the trunk of an old Saab and drive to Stockholm. The temperatures are well below freezing. On deployment Pauli canopy went to line stretch but is basically a solid block of ice that never inflates."
  7. All dropzones I jump at count people on every load. I think it´s good, especially at big dropzones or big events. If there are too many people in the load for one person to count, each group can report to the person who counts if they landed well or not, to make it easier and faster.
  8. tosca

    safety jackets

    I´m looking for some kind of back and chest protection to use for base jumping, maybe something like the Dainese safety jacket, but in my size. Has anyone seen safety jackets or safety wests with size and shape to fit women?
  9. I paid about $2000 for mine. I know of two other dropzones, their prices are between 2000-2500 I think.
  10. I paid a jump-as-much-as-you-want-fee at my home dropzone. After that I didn´t have to pay anything more for the jumps I did there during this year. So once that fee was paid all other dropzones were more expensive.
  11. i´m 22. I don´t think much about age differences when I´m at the dropzone though. I met one of my coolest friends through skydiving and she is 16 years older. I´ve got a lot more in common with her if I compare with most of people I meet in school.
  12. i thought about freefall after cutaway
  13. it depends on how low you pull you reserve, i guess
  14. anyone out there who has competed in 8-way speed? what were the biggest challanges for your team when you started practising together?
  15. you can check out the clinometer and laser here, on page 20-23. There is no more information on the website, so send me a PM or contact someone else at Haglöf Sweden ([email protected]) if you have any questions!
  16. The laser I know of is made for measuring both distances and heights, so it´s a combined laser-clinometer device. That way the device can check the angle between a and c with the clinometer, at the same time as the laser finds out distance c. Then it´s just simple trigonometry for the software to do. So only by pointing the laser to the top of the object, I get the height of the object on the display. Since I don´t need distance a, it doesn´t matter if the object is perpendicular to the ground, or if it´s underhung or overhung. Another good thing about not needing to measure distance a: Near the ground there can be things like trees and big rocks between me and the object, making it impossible to use the laser to find out that distance. There are lots of things out there for people with too much money...
  17. if you know the distance to A, you can use an electronic clinometer to measure the height at different places on an object, without doing any calculations.
  18. What do you think, is a tighter loop always better? Or can the loop for the main container be too tight?
  19. If I was a good swooper I´d answer: That I practiced canopy control for XXXX number of jumps. Tell him what skills he need to do it. Give him advise on what the next step for him is if his interested. Encourage him to ask for more advise. If I actually wasn´t so good at swooping and not the right person to give advise: I´ll tell him that I´m still unexperienced when it comes to swooping, and introduce him to someone who can give better advise.
  20. 100 jumps, 0-p material, kill line long enough. I don´t know the size. No double stows. The rubber bands were small, made for micro lines, don´t know the size, 135, micro lines
  21. I´m interested in all possible reasons to why I got a bag lock so I can prevent it from happening again. Maybe there is something I haven´t thought of. The rig was packed carefully by an experienced skydiver. Pilot chut was not collapsed according to the packer. Rubber bands for closing the bag. The bag lock was on or near to the closing stows. Maybe the second or third stow (from the canopy) All ideas are welcome
  22. skydiving is dangerous, expensive and time consuming. I wouldn´t recommend it to anyone who doesn´t have a real interest in doing it. since your friends know that you are skydiving, they are going to ask you if they are interested. Just let them know that if they want to skydive, you´ll be glad to give advise about where and how to sign up for a course.
  23. If I don´t use my own gear at the moment, other people can borrow it. If I have nothing else to do, I´ll help newbies to pack. If someone wants to learn anything (that someone else probably have taught me since I haven´t invented anything in skydiving), I´ll be glad to help and pay for the slot myself. It´s great to get more skydivers to play with in the air, I´m just happy if I can help someone to become better so we can do more fun jumps together in the future. And who knows, in one year maybe the person I helped have been to boogies all around the world and have things to teach me. I enjoy practicing the skill to be able to see the real cause of problems and I think it´s a challenge to find out how to give advise that the jumper understands. And they are always very happy to get advise