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  1. yeah, that term is pretty self-explanatory. I can only imagine how painful that would be! Pretty glad my ovaries are immune to such troubles...
  2. I totally heart that this is in the "gear and rigging forum." Also love the term 'nut-under,' which I had never heard before. Just as I'm sitting her thinking, "ugh. mornings are the WORST," I stumble across this thread. Many thanks to you, sir!
  3. I'd pull the reserve out right away, to try to avoid the fluid soaking through the back pad and into the reserve components while you're waiting to hear from the mfrs. The smell of vaping fluid makes me want to put my head through a wall. I feel for your customer! Hopefully it's just a wash-and-repack deal, AND the smell will come out!
  4. ^^^^ exactly. Work done marked because it has to be. "Did not repack" notated so that if the data card happens to be checked in manifest by a non-rigger (this is pretty common), there is hope that the correct repack date will be entered into the manifest software, rather than just the most recent date noted on the data card.
  5. yup. I'm in the habit of, if I do work on a closed rig that is notated on the data card, writing "did not repack" on the card along with whatever else I DID do.
  6. Sure. I'd just tell the customer he/she'll also need a repack if I need the container open to do a clean repair. Just because the customer wants to save $70 (or whatever a reserve repack costs) doesn't change the nature of the work requested.
  7. Actually, that's incorrect. We carry class 1 exclusively. (In one case that I know of, we received webbing that was labeled as class 1 by our supplier, but was actually class 1A. The manufacturers are human, we are human, you are human. To err is, unfortunately, human.) ** I would also note that jumping Class 1 webbing with edge damage is just as bad a plan as jumping Class 1A with edge damage.
  8. I have amblyopia too (still have vision in both eyes, such as it is, but can only use them one at a time. It's like a superpower, haha). I'm not known for my graceful landings - I tend to slide in. But I have 1300 jumps, and work in the industry. If you want it, do it. This sport is for everyone!
  9. Hiya Jerry! 1. zero so far... 2. nope 3. Several times, I've recommended against buying squares if there's any chance a non-skydiver will be wearing the rig. I do have a handful of skydiving customers who are learning aerobatics, and have asked about buying rigs with squares. I'm happy to sell them in that case (though I usually have to explain why a PDR 126 might not be a great idea, haha), but none of those people have purchased PEPs just yet. There was one customer who was a very experienced skydiver who wanted an Aviator to wear in his new experimental plane. But the lead time wasn't short, and he didn't want to wait as long as it would take to get one. Interestingly, he opted for a round in his Softie, even when I told him he could get a PDR in it. Go figure.
  10. I found it in a packed rig once. Creepy. Also annoying that I had to spend all that extra time removing rubber bands from the diaper, and installing them in the container.
  11. It's on the right-hand side of the homepage. use "PARA5" for $5 off an order of $100 or more use "PARA10" for $10 off an order of $200 or more
  12. ^^^ . Thanks for the chuckle. But seriously... Paragear item D224 is a pair of velcro mini risers. *toggles not included -- you will need to purchase those separately (maybe the ones you have will fit). Item # is D226. Item m3345 is the hard riser housing pair. They're super easy to install -- in fact if you order all this stuff together from the Para Gear website, and ask nicely in the 'comments' box as you check out, I'll install the housings for you before we ship. And don't forget to use the coupon code to save a couple bucks...
  13. We probably have at least some info lying around here; maybe even the actual part. When the human encyclopedia (Jay) gets back tomorrow from his CSPA Symposium (good times, good beer, GREAT poutine and fabulous people! Thanks for having us, CSPA!), I'll see what he's got in the archives... If you don't hear back from me in a few days, give me a nudge...
  14. @OP: the smaller Sabres, from what I recall, don't open that hard. I put maybe 25 jumps on a Sabre 135 that opened fine (briskly, but not hard). I'd jump it before spending money on a tweaked slider, because I suspect you won't need one for the 120. For that matter, if you're worried a 120 will be too small, You should be able to put a Sabre 135 into your V308 with little problem (as long as you have microline, not dacron), especially since it won't be brand-new ZP... Just my 2 cents :)
  15. Out of curiosity (and sort of off-topic. sorry), does anybody know what the change was to the Ravens built after March 10th, 1988, that made the bikini slider unnecessary but apparently didn't change the line trim? Thanks @pchapman for posting all that info -- I knew the bikini slider thing existed, but had never seen anything in writing about it.
  16. UPT speculated on that for us, here: Seems like a long shot to me, but admittedly, they are smarter than I. I have, however, personally seen an inexperienced, poorly supervised packer shove the eye of the pin right through a closing loop before, so Occam's Razor makes me think that's what happened this time too (and probably other times which no one has owned up to or published on the intergoogles).
  17. I totally agree with this. I did my two night jumps fifteen years ago, loved them, landed on target, and will probably never do another, unless it's a ridiculously cool setup. These days, I'm just not that interested in the added risk.
  18. CSR Braids is the place! Here's a link:
  19. As nylon cordura ages, it starts to smell a little like puke (I think rigs that get a little damp are maybe more susceptible to the stink. Might be a fun experiment to try to figure out why some rigs reek and others don't). If that's what's going on with your rig, no number of washes will make that smell go away. I tend to agree with Terry that washing is best left to an experienced rigger, but if you decide to do it yourself, don't forget to pull your AAD and cover all the exposed hook velcro first .
  20. The link has been flipped through the line group between that one line and the other lines. That's why the other ones look twisted around each other.
  21. Looks like the right front link got flipped through its line group a time or two before being connected to the riser. Should take you about a minute to fix it (or an hour if you stink at puzzles).
  22. The V308 stowless bag is perfect for a CF2 129. Should fit your M1 okay too, I think.