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  1. I take a decongestant before my first jump of the day during allergy season, because if I'm at all congested, I'll have trouble with ear pain. Sometimes I have to take another later in the day, sometimes one dose does the trick. You might find it helps you as well...
  2. yup. I did exactly the same thing a couple times as a student, except I just drive right on by. Didn't even turn into the parking lot, lol. It's pretty normal.
  3. nope. Just the optimum (and that won't be any fun).
  4. Johannes, will you share your findings with us once it's complete?
  5. yep. Years ago, for a customer who needed mid-season service.
  6. That sounds like it's getting into fuzzy legal territory, like postdating a check. Doesn't the FAA view packing data cards as legal documents? I get the willies when I even see one signed in ink other than black or blue, lol. I don't like packing rigs when the AAD will be due for service before the repack expires, but I've done it, making a note on the data card saying something like "Cypres requires service before xx/xx/xxxx." Overall, I've found that almost all customers are happy to plan their AAD service at the repack, because they'd rather save the ten or twenty bucks it would cost to remove/reclose, then install/reclose - they just need a little help remembering and planning, and it's easier (less hassle) to comply with service requirements on your regular repack schedule than not.
  7. I had the exact thought when I saw that cover, plus, "OOOOOH, that's where that dude on saw it..."
  8. Thanks all! I saw the Dr. yesterday. The shoulder itself is super stable, with no signs of arthritis or anything else particularly nasty, and really only decreased ROM and a very minor weakness to one direction (BOC direction, of course, lol). They're confident that some PT will improve all of that, and now that I'm not worried a dislocation is imminent, I suspect that even if tunnel and jumping make me a little sore afterwards, the pain won't bother me nearly as much now. All in all, about as good an outcome as I could have hoped for! So I'll have 12 PT sessions, then go have a follow up in June. Woot!
  9. ...or if you just fucking feel like it because it's your own goddamned head and hair, to do with as you please.
  10. This is great to hear (read, lol). I've ignored intermittent pain for a few years, but after some tunnel time over the last month, it's really been aggravated (yesterday is the first day in a week and a half where I didn't have more or less constant pain. Today I'm pain free, which is welcome!), and I'm concerned about: 1. range of motion, especially since it's my right shoulder, and, you know, it's great to be able to reach back for my hackey ;), and 2. if these these things don't heal themselves, does that mean I'm marching toward a minimally effective surgery, no matter what? It sounds like maybe with PT, I can gain back my full ROM, and avoid surgery. And if I do end up needing surgery (which is probably a long way off), it might actually work. So y'all have given me hope! Seeing an ortho on Tuesday to get started planning a plan
  11. Hey all. I’m pretty sure I’m developing a SLAP tear in my shoulder joint (seeing my doc for a referral on monday). I’m curious how those of you who have this injury deal with it in your skydiving life. How helpful is PT in slowing progression and managing pain? thanks!
  12. As a rigger, over about the last decade, I've packed at least four Cypres saves, one of them a student on a level 1 AFF (many years ago - I don't know the specifics, nor would I tell you what they were if I did know, so don't ask). Two of the others were the same fun jumper. I feel like there was a fifth, but I'm not positive I packed that one (I did the repack and cutter replacement afterwards), so I'm not including it in the count...
  13. Wendy et al, there's an app called "Hello Crowd," for Android and iOS. Grab the app (it's free), then search for Parachute Industry Association. You can find the seminar schedule there, as it currently stands. Hope to see you in Dallas!
  14. It won't be a pain in the neck, but your rig might look like its jeans are too small.
  15. not a huge fan of being automatically signed out after a short period of inactivity. ALSO not a huge fan of the "remember me" box being checked by default, *especially* if I'm going to have to sign in several times per day.
  16. It's not just you. It's painfully, PAINFULLY slow.
  17. pretty sure it's just a variation in that particular batch of rubber bands versus other batches, which has exactly zero effect on their functionality..
  18. I was 25. I basically went on a whim. I had never even considered skydiving, and barely even knew it was a thing. But when a friend asked me if I wanted to go along with a big group for a static line jump, I couldn't think of a good reason not to go (lol), so I went.
  19. LOL. One wonders where you've gotten your info on margins for skydiving equipement. The price difference in this case most likely comes from lower fixed costs - mainly labor - than the US brands. PS rigs are manufactured in South Africa, where labor is less costly than it is here in the US. There are a handful of reasons they may be able to keep materials costs below those of some of the bigger-name manufacturers as well, without necessarily seeing any negative effect on the quality of those materials. If a manufacturer wants to teach customers that their equipment is worth about half that built by the competition, they can make that strategic choice. But any company should be mindful of both the message their pricing decisions may inadvertently send, and of the possibility they may get stuck in a low-price tier forever. It is *very* difficult to raise your prices when customers are accustomed to bargain-basement rates.
  20. Interesting, thanks. As a gear seller, I appreciate you helping me understand what's important to this particular customer segment, and why!
  21. Curious what the reason for this advice is, if you wouldn't mind elaborating... TIA!
  22. There are a couple different makes of equipment that feel this way to me when I pack the recommended max size main into them. The bags just always seem a little smaller than I would like them to be. Assuming you haven't exceeded the container's capacity, and the d-bag you have is factory original and the same size as the container, I don't think you need to be concerned. You'll develop tricks pretty quickly to manage it better. Good luck!
  23. we have only Large and XL left in black. No white in any size. #sadface