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  1. I put 2 jumps on a way out-of-date rig, to see if I wanted to buy it. And I'd do it again But my fiance's a rigger, so it's a moot point for me now
  2. betzilla


    They're great either way, but the crunchy outside on the stale ones is SO good! It just makes the fact that they come in colors nature can't duplicate that much better....
  3. You got it. The best instructors get into the student's head, figure out how they learn -- what's their passion -- and puts skydiving in terms they'll understand. Some instructors are really good at the psychological part (that's my strength so far), some are really good at the technical part, and the very best have chops at both. At Eloy, you probably have tons of instructors in the last category (thumbs up to TM Greg Foster -- I'd let my 70 yr old mom jump with him. Say hi to him if he hasn't already left for the summer). As you get more jumps under your belt, you learn to make the translation yourself, and teachers become mentors, then jump buddies. But their technical expertise is always a bonus. Just don't be too bummed if it crops up every once in a while. When I was a student, I got freaked out enough to ask if I could please go back a level, before I ever failed a jump, because I was getting too far ahead of my comfort zone (As a student, you're always asked to attemptsomething just beyond your current reach or you wouldn't learn, right?). I wanted to devote one jump to relaxation. It worked. Keep 'em coming... You're not kidding. I've been meaning to get there since I started jumping. I was thinking the Xmas boogie, but my DZ is doing a Mexico thing right about then... But wait! Eloy is on the way to Mexico. ROAD TRIP! I'm glad you're making progress. Anytime you have questions, let me know. I won't get technical with you, but I'm here for moral support.
  4. ...or if your stupid, selfish, needless fatality causes enough bad PR for your DZ that it has to close, thus fucking over your fellow jumpers.
  5. Yep, I think that was two summers ago here. The guy had been out partying the night before, to celebrate his birthday. I totally agree with you on this subject. People already think we're nuts for jumping out of planes in the first place. I can't see anything wrong with combatting bad publicity with a drug free staff. I haven't heard of anyopne refusing to work here because of the testing policy, and I think it's because SDC staff understands the need for it. It just makes sense to test people taking others' lives in their hands, whether that be teaching or packing. It would suck to test fun jumpers though, IMO.
  6. There's usually not quite as much drama at DZ's as in those movies. But there is a LOT more skydiving
  7. Welcome Kizza! The exit was my favortie part as a student too. It blew my mind that I could jump out of a plane and not freak out
  8. When I was learning to jump, I worked with another jump student. Our boss actually stopped scheduling us together becasue he wa so sick of hearing our jump stories.... He got REALLY sick of us both wanting the weekends off
  9. YEEHA -- now you're really a skydiver. When your old friends get so sick of hearing about your jumps that they won't talk to you anymore, don't sweat it: You don't need them anymore, because you've got us now
  10. Not to mention that dying cordura involves all kind of interesting chemicals to get the dye to take, and ther are like, a million steps to the process. That would be why tye dying is such a high cost option on a rig...
  11. When I got my first jumpsuit, I joked that I was going to wear it to the grocery store.
  12. I think the other fatality you're thinking of was at SDC the summer BEFORE last.
  13. I'm just guessing, but if he was singling out any particular DZ (which I doubt he was), he probably would've meant Morris. There were rumors (NOT confirmed) that people had been seen indulging in the praking lot there. It kind of gave people around here the willies. Roger likes Hinkley, from what I've heard. And so do I. The people are nice, and I like the feel of the place (it reminds me of where I learned to jump, but with bigger planes). I hope I can find time to use the money I've got on an account there this season. What business owners sometimes frail to realize is that healthy competition is good for all businesses involved. Anyway, I'm all for drug testing whatever we can do here to stop the press thinking that this is a place where people just run wild, we should do. Not the the press notices a thing about DZ's when all is well....
  14. Our DZ just inplemented random drug testing of staff (not fun jumpers) too, along with the rigging loft/packing concession. I think it's a great idea, but I don't smoke weed or do any illegals, so it's easy for me to feel that way. But last year we had 2 fatalities here, and in both cases, we worried about what would be found in the drug tests. Both jumpers were on staff here. I know that one of the coroners reports was clean (the other may have been too, but I can't recall). We got lots (LOTS) of bad press last year, and definitely drug testing the staff is a really good way to try to keep that from happening. So in my DZ's case, it's not about "putting the other DZs in a bad light," as much as trying to put ours in a good light. Call me naive, but it seems like it would be pretty tough to pay careful attention to procedure if you're buzzed, or to have a safe attitude. I wouldn't want an instructor taking my mom on a jump who i knew routinely used drugs, and the same goes for a rigger or packer working on my rig. It's not clear to me whether you're saying your DZ is also going to test fun jumpers. That seems a little heavy-handed to me, but if they are, and you don't like it, go someplace else. I have absolutely NO problem with drug testing instructors, riggers and on-staff packers.
  15. SOunds like a great reason to go south for xmas.
  16. I'm sure this is a stupid question, but which DZ?
  17. I just might have to come to that boogie. I'd hate to miss a jump like that.
  18. first let me say that I have no idea what RAPS or a cat.8 license are. As far as the PRCPs into freefall go, we have the same requirements here in the states for static line progression (3 consecutive good PRCPs, and 1st freefall the same day as the last PRCP), and that was not a sticker for me or any of my friends (except my fiance *snicker*). it seems like, if you have the itme and the money, and the weather cooperates, anything is possible in this sport. Good luck!
  19. Groundzero, that was a GREAT story. Thanks for telling it.
  20. it's great therapy -- every time you make a successfual skydive (one where you live ), you literally say, "my life is worth saving," and then you save it.
  21. I wore a real purty yellow number during my student jumps. Good thing I didn't buy my own, because on jump 20 the runway came up and bit me . The asphalt burned a huge hole in the knee of the jumpsuit. Better theirs than mine, I say...
  22. Remember that Saturday morning cartoon with the shark who wore a hat? I loved that one. I had plenty of time to watch the cartoon network over the summer (damn broken leg!), and caught up on my Bugs Bunny. now I understand why my dad wasalways laughing harder than us kids when we watched it back in the day...
  23. Typical. IN my short time of experience working with students, I have learned that generally the girls can keep their cool better than the guys (especially the really big guys who feel they can handle any situation). I have a saying: "the bigger they are, the harder they cry on the ride to altitude." Once you've been around the sport for a while, you'll see that everybody's freaked out when they start jumping. And that's normal. it's scary shit, jumping out of planes, especially when you don't know a thing about it. But ain't it fun....