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  1. I'm just one of the many, many people whose lives were changed in big and small ways by Dennis. I made my first jump at Great Lakes, and it will always be home to me. I made some of my best friends and best memories there, and I'll always be grateful for the mark Dennis and Mary left on me. The memorial was really, really wonderful. I'm so glad I was there. Blue skies, Dennis. Thanks for teaching us so much! Betsy ****
  2. Wish someone had brought the news to me. Kirk and I just heard tonight, and we're devastated. I didn't know all of them, but one of them I count as a really good friend.
  3. That's totally how I felt I swear I heard i guy down in the drunk tank whistling "swing low sweet chariot." And I'm so polite I actually thanked the policeman for holding the door to my cell for me... I was pathetic...
  4. about a week after, I realized I had missed it. Then I freaked out and stopped opening all my mail that came from the court. I was younger and stupider then. Anyway, i was actually arrested for missing my court date for missing jury duty. The moral of my story: OPEN YOUR MAIL!!!
  5. I kind of dig jury duty. Too bad they only give you $15 a day to cover your expenses, but I do think it's the least we can do to ensure we get are presumed innocent. On an unrelated note, I actually got arrested for missing jury duty... It sucked.
  6. "not guilty" is SO not the same as innocent... I didn't pay attention to the trial, but I would think he's guilty of something. Even so, he who has the best case (best legal team) goes home to invite more boys for sleepovers... -B
  7. that's what I was afraid of. They made great helmets. Bummer.
  8. Hey! Does anyone out there have current info for Arrow Dynamics? I need to order some helmets, but I don't know how to contact them in NC.
  9. Gum drops are fruit flavored Spice drops are minty, and cinnamony, and licoricy and stuff. They're all awesome.
  10. A friend of mine has one. it's a purply blue. Very pretty.
  11. yo. somebody told me I should post on here that I'm in an opera (The Marriage of Figaro) this weekend at DuPage Opera Theatre. Here's a link, with ticket info on the right: It's a great show. I dare you to come.
  12. You can get nice RWS metal inserts for $30 retail. You could probably get the plastic ones from Sun Path...
  13. If the only two names on the ballot were "George W. Bush" and "Sock Monkey," I'd vote for Sock Monkey.
  14. Our loft charges $60 to install a bridle cover on a Javelin.
  15. mmmm, any chance your dealer botched the measurements and is reluctant to own up to it? Or maybe they're just unaware that the rig doesn't fit you well? A reputable dealer should be able to help you some in this area. Have the dealer call Mirage on your behalf. Justin and his staff have bent over backwards to make sure that we, and our customers, are happy with their gear and service. In any case, I'd go for the harness rebuild over a new voodoo. It will take the same amount of time or less, and a Mirage is a far, far better rig, IMHO. plus, you won't come close to breaking even on your Mirage when you sell it, even only slightly used. Good luck! -Betsy
  16. THE List '04 WFFC, Rantoul, IL August 6th - 15th BE THERE! Official Website, click here (attempting to keep the dz.commers screen names accurate) jceman and TLML (what a shock, huh?) Keepers of the tent Let's make sure we reserve our rightful place, in a tent on the grounds! Click Here to donate to the tent and couch fund via PayPal. You may also PM jceman Here for non-electronic forms of donation. This baby costs around $795 minimum, and any extra goes toward seating, packing tarps, lights, ect. Please help out! Gotta be there Free Load organizers AND staff get top billing! flyangel2-LO/Gimp's mistress snowwhite-Public Relations WFFC-Webmaster billvon-LO peek-LO skybytch-LO winsor-LO carbonezone-LO + Awsome food! Scotty and Tami (Pink Mafia initiations) diablopilot-Free instruction/Matter Wingsuit demos 4 qualified dz.commers streaker-The Voice of the WFFC, spectator area Grafico-Got a hand in alot of shite! mikemullins-Shit~Hot plane and pilot NightJumper-Jump Shack & the Racer Rum Runners PhreeZone-webcam -n- other geek stuff Revillusion-AFF School, coaching, and recurrency RevJim-Weddings SkymonkeyONE-Bird Man Instruction LouDiamond-Bird Man Instruction sunshine-Keeper of the tent supplies. Designated passer-outer Gonna be there airdweller AirMail alanab AndyMan Antithesis with Don Julio avgjoe Aviatrr bbarnhouse merchandise bch7773 BigG BIGUN (nightjumps) bkdice Pink Mafia Initiations bmcd308 bobsled92 (Grant G.) bozo brothermuff65 (hates that new @##$ing board) ChasingBlueSky Chrissay chuteless countryscrub craichead CrazyRock crzjp20 DaGimp w/ new outfit Daizey Dixieskydiver DownWind drakeshelby Dumpster dzdiva...there to party! eeneR Eiley EricaH FallingILweenie FallinWoman Fast flygirl03 freeflir29 Girlfalldown GravityGirl hmatousek ifics wOOt!! indyz ivanrockon jmfreefly JnL jumper03 + sweetie jumpinjackflash Kai2ki and he will be jumping + the whuffo wife kallend KatieBear21 Pink Mafia Initiations Kid_Icarus Kramer kris KrisFlyZ marks maxmadmax + his group mirochristie + a bunch moodyskydiver mx757 MyOwnWay + sweetie NoShitThereIWas Nutz Paige Peachsouthern Peej Rhino-crazy ass pond swooper RoadRash sarge scottbre sdgregory Shananay sheloopy skipro101 skycutie skygod7777 skymedic Skyrose7 Slayer21016 Taffy tfelber ThighMan Tink1717 tracker TribalTalon Unstable Vertifly Viking weegegirl windcatcher wingnut WrongWay yardhippie Zeemax Gonna try to be there, Hoping, Praying, and not planning that far ahead betzilla chaoskitty DShiznit (and his wife Kelly) jib Lee03 Lindsey LuvToFly markharju + brother n2skdvn packaho taln1rigr turtlespeed Want to do a Pink Mafia initiation jump EricaH Chrissay RoadRash weegegirl Pink Mafia Way (record attempt?) bkdice carbonezone (tami, not scotty you wierdos) EricaH Katiebear RoadRash Shananay tracker Truck driver-way participants:(Please show current CDL) Kai2k1 RevJim Slayer21016 yardhippie NOT coming, and that's a good thing Remster
  17. A friend of mine had a spectacularly bad landing on a gravel road. The side of his full face helmet was seriously scraped up. It's safe to say he would've had to visit a plastic surgeon after that landing if he hadn't worn a helmet...
  18. I'd recommend NOT putting white on any part of your rig that gets handled a lot (think dirty hands giving you a pin check, etc...), or that will make contact with the floor of the plane or the ground under normal conditions. Other than that, go nuts!
  19. "double wide" leg straps are standard on all Relative Workshop rigs, along with thick, cushy padding. It's super comfortable under canopy. And I just got a new Icon that's really comfy. I'd wager that as longs as the leg pads are long enough (but not too long), you shouldn't get bruising with any rig that's a reasonable fit...
  20. If you reset your brakes right after you land, before you let go of the toggle, they won't get twisted. Of course, it kind of makes you a sitting duck in the landing area...
  21. A Cypres screwdriver works wonders.
  22. Yeah. What Skybytch said. Except I'd sing it ON key.
  23. Speedo also makes nice ones (intended for use swimming). you can PM me if you want -- I think I have a blue pair in stock here... -B
  24. 2:0:1 beer is owed for my first save. Now I feel like a real rigger