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  1. (Coming out of lurk mode) I think a 10G uncontrolled/flat spin is a foregone conclusion. Do you nominate this jacka## for the Darwin Awards before or after he actually tries it? stylinmike (>O]-
  2. Decisions, decisions. This one's for real & not far from my parent's house stylinmike (>O]-
  3. QuoteMy mom used to say there were a huge set of sharp teeth down there. reply] Seems that maybe momma knows best stylinmike (>O]-
  4. Mail-order brides are for hard up whuffos w/few prospects (no offense meant to anyone of Russian ancestry...) stylinmike (>O]-
  5. Happy 21st Moody!!! "...but I'm not so thunk as some drinkle peep I am...." Most limitations are WAAAAYY expired after a fifth of tequila stylinmike (>O]-
  6. If you're a good shot You'll see a lot stylinmike (>O]-
  7. not after eating asparagus stylinmike (>O]-
  8. (whisper) "I think it's about time...." stylinmike (>O]-
  9. In ten years will you sit in conversation with some friends, deep into your pints, and everyone talking about the things we should have done.... Would you tell them that you really wish you had: a. Stayed in Melbourne? or b. Went back to London? It's a tough call for sure, being in a place that you love or being with the people that you love most. fwiw - having friends all over the world is not a bad thing and family will always be there. The world's not that big a place that you can't stay in touch with everyone who matters most with just a little effort. stylinmike (>O]-
  10. When your jump numbers exceed your net worth. stylinmike (>O]-
  11. ROFLOL! Those lil' cats can ROCK!!! stylinmike (>O]-
  12. Dunno at this point. I see the doc in 1 1/2 weeks to get a checkup & a surgery date (that'll be #5, yikes!) to get the metal out. Then it's time to rehab my broomstick-lookin lower leg back up to normal size again. I've been supposed to be non-weightbearing on this sucker for 3 months now & can't wait to get going on rehab. I have had a walking "air-cast" thingy for about a month and can kind of limp around a little bit but the doc said that too much weight could bust the screws & really mess things up for me. stylinmike (>O]-