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  1. There is actually lots of work available in the industry here in Canada. Especially for a experienced person with the correct ratings. There are 2 dz's in western Canada that are fulltime all year round. Pacific Skydivers in Vancouver area would be an option, great dzo and staff and the dzo is willing to negotiate in order to get the best people. He also has 2 other very busy dzs during the summer. The other one in the area I dont know anything about. The point is that you can earn a good living by being multi rated, work for the right dzs and work hard. There is a lot of opportunity here for people who want it. Quinny
  2. I agree....Overlaoding a student is a ridiculous notion! Its called progression because you learn progressively In response to the main topic, I do not believe rigging should be a requirement as there are a lot of jumpers out there who love jumping and hire a rigger to do the job and have no interest in doing it themselves. Leave rigging to people who actively want to do it and work hard to fill the requirements. A basic knowlegde of equipment is taught and if you want to know more about it then see your local rigger. If then you crave more...maybe your rigger will spend time with you and you can pursue your rating. Making it a requirement would turn everyone into a rigger!!! and the world would be weird
  3. Nothing Landed on the Moon!! Its all a pile of crap!
  4. Tha efact that he had a camera???on his helmet makes me think it is strange. The fact that he slid on his ass makes me think a novice. On one point of the video it looks like one arm is up and the uther is down inducing the spiral. Hard to tell. Why wait so long under a spinner? All very questionable
  5. Saw a listing in Canpara naming Total Control Skydiving in Dids. Anyone have any info? I think it said 5 members, 1 instructor, 1 coach and 1 c182. Also a new one in BC. Any ideas? Quinny
  6. As a man who has sex with women for a fee, I dont see any problem with it. Responsability is key and a real pro is clean and careful. Regular testing etc. If the trade was properly governed you would have a lot less disease and especially a lot less illegal sex slaves kidnapped, used then mostly killed. Its one of the oldest occupations around and only religous extremism put a good business into the hands of organised crime and dickhead pimps!
  7. Broken ribs when the fat chick rolled over on to me in the morning. Beer goggles suck sometimes!! She looked great the night before from what I remember but she was a 400lb circus freak in the morning. Genital warts were involved somewhere too I think!
  8. Oh my god! I just read your profile and you are a basket weaver!!!! I am a basket case.....can you help!!!!!!!!!
  9. Food is food!!! If in the worst situation, would yould you eat a dogs cock or would yould you starve. Meat is f'ing meat!! Why are you a vegetarian?
  10. I just drove from Salt Lake to NY with a truck and 18ft trailer. It took four days and if I can do it then so can you!! Just use your mirrors, shoulder check, take your time, dont turn too sharply and the most important thing is to sing really loud with the radio or cd!!It keeps you smiling and relaxed! Just have fun on your move and dont worry about the rest it will come!
  11. Well chicks are usually pretty bad at this stuff....but you look like a hot chick so you will be awesome!! Use your mirrors, they are nice and big and signal a bit earlier than normal if possible. Always remember that you will probably be bigger than the other vehicles so if in doubt ...push them around a bit and they will yeild to you! Quinny
  12. Actually its fine after you get going, your confidence will gain mile after mile and you will rock!