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  1. Thank you Tim. Yes, I would like those recommendations please. A quick search online results in only "how to become a coach" & nothing for "how to find"
  2. Type 1 is NOT juvenile onset. It OFTEN is, but not always. I can testify to this because I am T1 but was not, until my late 40's.
  3. Yes, "without video" a real problem. Sometimes you don't get what you pay for!?!? Thanks for helpful your comment.
  4. Kind words, but tunnel is over for me. If I can't have the speed I want to try it out, I don't trust it. I have to force a "wrong" body posi to get to a stage where they will let me progress. It's a screwed up process. But if works for the newbie/tunnel only, good luck to them. I don't recommend it at all, to experienced skydivers, sadly.
  5. They most definitely are encouraging the wrong position imo. But as a From my 2, & sadly for me, bad experiences at iFly Milton Keynes,UK, it does seem that the body position encouraged, is more in line with safety than good flying. And it's impossible to complain or query it - there customer service is dreadful. They simply don't respond. It's not possible to fly the box position as a beginner, as far as I can tell, because they insist on a set speed which is too low to support it. I managed to figure that out after my first flight. Having previously done 300+ real skydives, I was able to figure that out. After 10+ years out of the sport, I had hoped it might be a sensible route back for me. I asked them to increase the speed, but they were adamant on their ways. The body position they insist on is too unstable & rigid, especially on a speed that only just supports it. My 2nd flight was worse & to make matters worse they didn't film the 2nd one, despite me having pre-paid for both - so I was unable to look at it later to be sure of my theory. They only filmed a small part of my first flight too & despite several emails to complain, there was no response. I gave up in the end & sadly, that is likely the end of my indoor skydiving life & maybe the end for my skydiving in general - all because of that body position versus silly speed rules. How can I work with the air speed when it's 30% lower than it should be unless "I" fly - stiff as a board. Cauliflower rice - ain't rice & Halal beef-burgers - ain't beef! It's a bit of an insult to call it indoor-skydiving - a great marketing tool I guess, but it's a world away from skydiving.