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  1. nachofly99

    tandem reserve

    in this way everithing is simple and safetly, thank you for clarifying a logical concept, I do not want to raise polemics , unfortunately I was in the wrong places, but my properly line has cost me lose more than one job place. thank you all for reading and replying
  2. nachofly99

    tandem reserve

    excuse me I personally would like to know how many T-I or T-M, make checks about reserve paccking card, I see many jumps where pre checks are optional on the ground as in plane and in free fall too, gear on and let's go ..
  3. nachofly99

    tandem reserve

    thanks for reply, just curiosity, because I happened to see sigma container with vector/pd reserve d.o.m. 1987, without knowing how many times has been used (at least one known of me) because the owner don't wanna show canopy log book , and at the same time see the tandem system In question used with full loads or more ..
  4. nachofly99

    tandem reserve

    hi I'm a beginner t-i, when would it be better to replace the reserve in a tandem system? 20 years? 30 years? or more?