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  1. Pat007


    Does it literally announce it? As in say verbally what altitude you are at? If so that is cool.

    Not really worth 400 IMO but I already own fancy gadgets.

    Yes, it speaks to you! You can hear a sample on their website:

    Pat! Your feedback about VOG on the ! Thank you!
    VOG Altimeters WA

  2. The answer to this question is probably every user should find himself.
    I can only help.
    1. VOG does not require extra movements from a Skydiver.
    2. VOG does not require the attention of a Skydiver. All information in free fall is sound clear and understandable.
    3. Free and easy to manage connection to iOS and Android.
    4. VOG software is upgradeable. Easy to add some new features, GPS coordinate for wingsuter or tracking jumps. etc.
    5. VOG does not require batteries and has at least two ways to charge it.
    6. VOG is a kind of unique device and the L&B do not do anything like that. But very interesting in our project.
    7. Despite the fact that VOG is not a big company founded by Skydivers, just like you. And not having production capacities such as L&B. Products of the company were highly appreciated by those who tested, purchase, including skydivers with a name and extensive experience.
    For more information about the work and the merits of VOG, see the official website

    If you have any other questions about #vogaltimeter
    let me know.
    Thank you.
    VOG Altimeters WA