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  1. JVXReBornFU

    Why We Boogie

    We do not allow "Boogies," we feel that it is wrong to associate a party and drinking type of place with skydiving and aircraft activities. There are enough skydiving incidents and issues already. Combine with public perception and history of drug abuse. Too much for area. This mentality also many fatalities over the years. Many more death as compared with day to day exercise. Also this "boogie" mentality safety goes out the door and is ignored. Safety demands that first jumps and those with low experience levels we watched by community and drop zone owners. This is ignored at wild "boogies." You should be alert, prepared, and mentally awake all things that are not possible if prior night before spent up late at night. You want to party, we have places to party. You want to jump we have places to jump. You want to party and jump go to Americia where no one gives a care about your safety.
  2. Good policy if you reline your canopy to also replace your pilot chute. If you haven't already done so. The fabric wears much faster than any other fabric as and always in the bright sun. JVX
  3. This is what we do at SD. Larger canopies to learn on. We are the biggest all year Drop Zone with multiple locations in the civilized world. Works wonders for us. In fact all students are assigned larger than their calculated canopy size. And yes I noticed you were the only one to recommend a safety first approach from the perspective of recommending something in the most friendly learning kind of way. JVX
  4. In my country we do not have a drug problem. We do not have the same kind of addicts where drugs are free. We do not treat drug users as they claim to have a medical problem. I read much above and if you claim to be an addict and this is excuse to endanger others you do not endanger others in my lands WE kill you. Before your drugs hurt us. Simple solution to "What you need to know" My country do not have drug problem. That's all you need to know. JVX
  5. Good to listen to your words you continue to show enthusiasm for jumping. I and you both know after 1:1 loading we are going to cut away more than others. This is the choice we make. Thus following this I jump ready to "Cut Away" without exception. I am ready at an instant and always ready. I am thinking in my brain "MALFUNCTION" so that each and every jump I am ready. So many I know do not think like this. They wait to see, they wait to think, they wait to late. They are complacent, I visit their graves. JVX
  6. Multiple passes. Multiple passes increase safety. I do not understand why so much speculation and silly discussion. More time between exits for everyone. Which group or which type of jump makes no difference. Time must increase or multiple passes. Silly to debate and discuss this again and again when "Exit Order" doesn't matter. Proven by GPS. Wing suits tracking must take place at 90 degrees away from aircraft flight direction. No exception. Actual order in aircraft doesn't matter. JVX
  7. Purchase in bulk from manufacturer in United States. Keener rubber company. JVX
  8. I have been forced to land in trees many times. You drop like a stone as you fall thru the tree. The parachute never tangles or catches your fall. The nylon rips like your tissue paper.
  9. Many at Skydive Dubai welcome this book. It is a good book.
  10. If you wish to visit the warmth of my country all are now welcome. Many places to stay will welcome you. Many New aircraft as well. All from the UK are welcome.
  11. I am not here more than a moment and I am insulted. I lift my leg to you.
  12. Are you claiming to be some sort of military jumper now? This oughta be good. I train Military personnel. Garmin has a number of products as described. Do you have a point with your posting? Or are you just an idiot with a big mouth? Software updates are available for many units. They are a lot of fun to use in the clouds and at high altitudes as well. They are very easy to read and invaluable in stronger winds aloft situations to determine if your going to make it to the target. And or in assisting in locating alternate landing sites.