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  1. Dolphinka, I will try to answer your question in more details. Freezone is sport oriented tunnel, because I think they have 2 wind tunnels in 1 place and to load them with first time flyers is not so easy as it was only one. Hence they are quite negotiable, for instance: they did book time after received air tickets, no need for prepayment, I paid on the place. Regarding split your visits I think it will not be problem, I didnt use this opportunity, but sounds like this can be attained. You can contact them: [email protected] For your info there are several advantages and disadvantages of Freezone. Disadvantages are: to get to closest metro station takes 20 min drive, and to get to historical city center 45-50 min car or bus+metro Construction work take place near wind tunnel and it was disturbing at night time, big artificial wave is constructing close to wind tunnel two buildings planned to be connected in one complex. From advantages: very quite and peaceful place not taking in consideration construction works, which should be finished soon. The hotel for 40-50 different level rooms, in the forest zone 100 meters from tunnels, the stay in which included in price. Restaurant with quite good food. As I heard in summer time people also visit DZ, which is quite close to Freezone.
  2. I did fly in Freezone Moscow in day time, may be something can change. A friend of mine book day flights in March in 17 ft tunnel for 3200 euro. And as I understand you can also make 5 hours for 1600 euro in 17 ft under the same program all included (transfer,meal and accommodations). Regarding the cheap prices the only idea I have is the price of electricity which is extremely cheap in Russia, consequently their self costs lower than in Europe and ect.
  3. Hey, I think currently Russia and Slovenia Hurricane Factory are most competitive. Slovenia offers a lot of additional services as bonus, water attractios, SPA and ect. I finally decided to go to Freezone, Skyventure tunnel in Moscow. The main issue was that the package included transfer and accommodation with meal 3 times a day and it costed me 2700 euro for 10 hours in 12 ft tunnel. I had an opportunity to choose 17ft for 3200 euro, all included, but I will try it next visit. The atmosphere is friendly, Maxim is quite experienced coach.