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  1. Thanks for commenting. This is possible. I single-stow the rubber band and I use a semi-stowless D bag. I probably should have double-stowed the two rubber bands on my D bag. I remember I have read a thread mentioning single-stow could result in out-of-sequence releases of rubber bands. Thanks again for answering.
  2. thanks for comments. I looked up the canopy while spinning, and it was square (no obvious line over). I pumped my riser twice before cutaway but it did not help. I rushed my pack job for this jump and probably I made some packing error(s). What would typically cause tension knots in packing? I always un-twist my brake lines in the last pack job of every jump day. I am trying to figure out how to prevent it from happening again. Many thanks.
  3. Today 2019-11-03, I had my 1st cutaway at jump 93. I was doing belly in a 6 way. Separated at 5500ft, tracked and then deployed. My main started spinning right after opening. The spinning was violent as you can see in the video. I did not have time to pull toggles and I cut away around 2700ft. After the jump, The rigger at my DZ and I found the main parachute and confirmed that toggles are perfectly set at that time. We checked the main and there are no tension knots at all. So toggle fire and tension knots should not be the reason for spinning. It makes me really uncomfortable about jumping in the future because I do not know if the mysterious spinning will happen again. I would like to ask other skydivers for ideas about the spinning. Many thanks. Main: Pilot 168 ZP DOM: 2018-Oct, 50 jumps on it. Wingload ratio = 1.15 cutaway_jump93_191103.mp4
  4. I just got my 1st gear. Yesterday during my last packing job before going home, I noticed that my Blaze Semi-Stowless D bag still has flaps closed (still tucked in) after my jump. Should the two flaps be open or closed after the main parachute comes out? Thanks. Below is the link of the D-bag packing instruction video, but I could not find any hints for the flap issue.