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    Amazing Aerodyne Pilot ZPX 140 for sale! Abt 250 Jumps, DOM 2019 No patches or holes, just the right amount of use out of the slippery slidey phase now. so it is a joy to pack with the signature coloured tabs. being a low pack volume, i managed to fit this in a container made for 120 mains... Comes with a patch of the purple ZPX fabric as well, ordered from Aerodyne as a backstop for tears, but never had to use it so will come with the canopy in shipping. Location is in Dubai, will ship anywhere in the world at your cost. *Also have a 132 Pilot ZPX (Carbon, Silver, Lime) to offload if you are interested in getting both. DOM 2019 / 180 jumps. This 132 has a 4 x 4 inch patch with the original ZPX fabric somewhere near the tail label, done professionally by the riggers at SD Dubai. If interested, i will share the pics separately :)


    Dubai, Dubai - AE