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  1. I traveled to about 5 countries this summer and always carried my on and use a rig sleeve. It has the little handle covers, so I don't worry about someone pulling one by accident. Usually they'll just swab it and nothing more. I think the 2 biggest issues I ran into was one TSA agent didn't know what to do and called her supervisor over and he just said it's fine and waived me threw. I never had an issue with any security. I had a bigger worry of other passengers who like to try to shove their oversized carry-ons into bins that aren't big enough or have enough room left and crush everyone else's shit. Most people just think it's a big backpack.
  2. I get your point but not what I meant. It can have 20 different alarms, so while I do have alarms below 3500, for cutaway now idiot and enter pattern, those are all short/normal compared my 3500.
  3. I have one and it works great. I like the fact I can choose a time and length. I keep the most common break off altitudes set and have it set to scream at me at 3500.
  4. From what I remember from my FJC, a streamer means there is no air or very little getting into the canopy, so your decent rate it hardly slowed vs a slider-up snivel wear air is getting in and it's dancing around, but not inflating. If you watch the video below, you'll notice he doesn't lose a lot of ground from the camera man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXvhkC3ZWs
  5. Yeah, don't just suck it up. Talk to the dzo and find out what the deal is. Even if there is other factors they should be honest with you. I don't blame you for leaving. Yes, being a student can be frustrating, but being essentially ignored shouldn't be one of those frustrations.
  6. You can always lookup who owns the copyright and ask them what kind of royalty they would charge. Most likely the family owns the copyright. They might just give you permission and you don't have to pay anything.
  7. I jump an X2, not a Dekunu and this is just 2nd hand, based on the 3 guys I jump with that have them. The feedback I've got from the 3 guys I know are 1. Stopped using it because it was too buggy. He loved it when it worked, but had lots of issues. He said customer service is great and he had no complaints about them. They are always releasing fixes. The second guy loved his, but also had a few issues, but still jumps his as he said they weren't that frequent. 3rd guy has had no issues, but said he was currently only using for basics. I'm trying to knock the dekunu, because I think it's a nice product, but I would suggest waiting till they get some bugs ironed out to use it for the data collection. There's a few programs out there that will convert flysight data into an overlay that I've seen. I don't have a flysight, so I don't know them off the top of my head, but I've seen videos where people have done it. In regards to your 7, have you read this thread over at GoPro?
  8. I have the pebble and like others have said, it's great and you can't beat the price. As far as having to plug a cable in to adjust the alarms, it really depends on what kind of jumps you do. If you are doing a lot of different jumps and think you would constantly be needing to adjust not the best. You can set up to 20 different alarms with 9 different tones I think, so personally I just set ones at 6500, 5500, 3500, and 1000. That covers most break off altitudes I use.
  9. State law doesn't largely trump federal law, the supremacy clause contradicts that. It probably would come down to what you mean by allow. If they have a sign that says weed friendly DZ, probably not a smart idea, but if they just aren't kicking people off that smoke in their tent/trailer, I doubt the feds would bother. They would have to do something to get the feds attention and have some kind of active hand in the whole thing.
  10. I have the X2 and love it. I don't have much more to add to what 20 said. I'm sure at one point they will add the ability to export the data. You could always email them and ask where it is on their dev plan. I like the fact they are constantly releasing updates and adding features and think it looks better than the Dekunu, but that's just my opinion. The one thing that turned me off from the Dekunu was the touch screen. I spent 10 years working with touch screens of all kinds for point-of-sales systems and don't want one on my alti. I will also add that the support over at Aon2 is fantastic. They are always quick on the reply and helping.