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  1. First, sorry for taking so long to reply. crazy busy at my boring, un-fun 9-5, which for most of the summer has been 6-9... It takes me approximately 1/2 an hour from import of footage to finished product(DVD). Most of this time is rendering, encoding, and a little burning. When I time it right, I can start my editing, go do a jump, land, burn, and start the process over again. most of the time, Our customers leave with their stills, and we mail out the vids.... So, If I skip the encoding and burning, this speeds me up significantly, and its a better end product. I too will be doing some experimenting this winter.... if you don't mind, keep me posted on what you figure out.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm curious what everyone else is doing these days, in regards to Tandem video. I am producing a dvd-format video for our customers. I guess what I'm asking is this: Is a video that is in DVD format out of date? What format is the best for the majority of tandem passengers? What are the other dropzones doing these days? I would love to hear some input form those of us who edit our own videos in particular, but all opinions have value.... Thanks
  3. This is what I was afraid of. Lighting your canopy ablaze while your flying it is stupid enough. I can't see me getting in the plane with a fuel-soaked parachute. Or finding a DZO that would let me. Thanks to everyone for the info you've shared...
  4. Hi......Anyone out there ever set a canopy on fire in flight? I know it's been done, I've seen vids of it. I'm looking for anyone's input who has done it, or filmed it, etc.....
  5. not to be the perve, but where I come from, we usually jump naked on our 100th....and many of us do it every 100th. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but now I'm kind of wondering if it's only us.......