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  1. I've jumped several skyvans so I can't really tell how loud they are, but I'd guess it's like listening to race cars without mufflers times 10 LOL.
  2. Damn shame I retired from the sport in 2013. Those $99 Boogie Til Ya Pukes where you made as many jumps as you could for that price... The good old days. Were you thinking of me when you named this new event? And before you ask, YES, I'M STILL FUCKING DEAF!
  3. BillyVance

    Airplane Repo

    Yeah, most episodes are just sensationalized bullshit.
  4. Heal well Kevin. I don't know anything about shoulder surgery recovery times but, knowing you're a CRW Dog and the physical demands it places on your upper body, I can only say make sure you recover your strength and flexibility before you jump again. And even then, ease back into it. All the best for you. Miss jumping with you guys. Some of the most fun I had.
  5. I was wondering why the hell there were only 2 replies. This thread used to get hundreds of posts. But Chris appears to be right, everybody went to Facebook. (shrugs)
  6. BillyVance


    He's PM'ed me. Have yet to hear back from him, but he appears to be from Saudi Arabia.
  7. BillyVance

    Bob Sinclairs van

    That thing needs to be one of the centerpieces for USPA's museum.
  8. BillyVance

    JFX vs crossfire2

    You might get better responses in the swooping forum...
  9. BillyVance

    Old PISA Tempo--Safe to sell or not?

    Yeah the only issue was that the flare was a little mushy, but that's typical of some reserves. It's job is not to land you with style, but to get you on the ground unscathed.
  10. BillyVance

    Old PISA Tempo--Safe to sell or not?

    Yeah, I have a Tempo 120 in my main rig, and I've had to use it a few times. It's definitely different than my Triathlon 120. My rig is 20 years old now and I'm pretty sure the reserve is in good shape as it's only been unpacked and repacked once in the last 7 years.
  11. BillyVance

    I need some Greenie help!!

    I know you're new here, but there's a Bugs and Error forum to report issues like this down near the bottom of the forum list. Hope somebody fixes your problem.
  12. BillyVance

    Is this jumpsuit too tight? (pics)

    It all depends on your height-weight ratio. I have a tight Tony Suit pit special because I'm 5'-6" and 160 lbs. It helps me stay down with the big boys. But I also have loose arm sleeves that I can add on if I'm jumping with light weights.
  13. BillyVance

    L5/S1 Bulge--how did you recover?

    That's exactly what I had. An old injury from a hard butt landing years ago didn't manifest until I tried carrying too much weight in firewood into the house and felt a sharp twinge in my back. Shortly after my left leg started going numb in several places (not total) and it caused me to drag the foot when I walked. Went in for an MRI which diagnosed the bulging disc at L5/S1. I was put on a schedule of a steroid epidural shot every 2 weeks into the spinal cavity around the disc. Total of 3 shots. It meant first getting a numbing shot for the area before the epidural, so I had to have my wife with me so she could drive me home. The treatment worked. But, I have to watch how much weight I pick up or carry. Every now and then I'll feel a minor twinge but so far, I haven't had the numbness return. That was over 10 years ago. ETA - I did go through physical therapy for a short time to strengthen the muscles around the lower back, and after that, I can pretty much do anything I want to do as long as I respect the weight limit (no more than 50 lbs)
  14. BillyVance

    Anybody have any skydiving footage?

    Why do you want it for your youtube channel?