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  1. Two crashes in one day by performing units. Pretty unreal. And it sounds like The pilot that perished took it in to save a lot of lives. Propblast
  2. The original intent is pretty clear from the language at its very beginning, "A well regulated militia . . . ." As the Second is currently applied, it's already unrecognizable from that. your second amendment ignorance is overwhelming Tell me again which "well regulated militia" you belong to? None? Hmmm... You can't take just one part and ignore the rest of the amendment. What does the entire thing say again? Propblast
  3. Have they broke ground? Where in Tampa? It is a ridiculously large area :) Propblast
  4. Your completely illogical and unfactual post is FOS. You can. It's in the national election without Id or could for years At a federal polling booth. You haven't been able to do that at a federal firearms dealer in decades. I'm sure you will try to bring up some private sale nonsense which is outside the Argument of your origional post as it lacks government involvement. Stop posting on emotion. For years I have awaited the day you grow up and actually get educated on this topic as you seem a smart guy. Sadly 2016 appears it will go as others. Propblast
  5. I'm glad you are ok with this invasion of your privacy. A slippery slope it is. Someday maybe you will realize that. Propblast
  6. This is a good option. The unit would benefit from the historical artifacts and it would help preserve your loved ones legacy. War trophies are apart of war and should be displayed so folks don't forget. Propblast
  7. Raising a beer to Bill. BLUE SKIES Propblast
  8. I don't know honestly. Hey who was the pilot of that plane in the video? I'm curious. Propblast
  9. It does have everything to do with the subject of this thread. Propblast
  10. What are the criteria for a successful night jump? As far as I can see, being alive at the end is the only one. This doesn't demonstrate the development of any particular skill.You can land in a tree, on a roof, or dangling from a power line and still log the night jump. The night jump as a requirement is an anachronism. If we wish to add advanced skills to the most advanced license, those skills should be relevant to the type of jumping that skydivers are most likely to pursue. Living through a night jump is not a skill, it is just a rite of passage inherited from days long gone. Advanced skills worth developing would include CRW, head down, sit, wingsuit and swooping, all of which are pursued regularly at just about any good sized DZ, and each of which has some kind of performance metric that can be applied beyond "I did it and lived". Congrats professor as per usual you are right. There is no skill to jumping at night. It just happens. No planning no execution you just fall. Propblast
  11. Fantastic Video Gary. I really enjoyed all 1 plus minutes. Propblast
  12. B life requires a canopy control prof card. Or has that changed again? Propblast
  13. Everyone, including me, is offering opinions; to take them for what they are. IMO be facing into the wind, just before touchdown do a nice full-brake landing, don't use rear risers; PC's have very light toggle loads. Lowell Bachman, late owner of ParaGear, was a many times US Nationals judge. He would always make the wind dummy jump. He did not do the normal down-wind, crash & bash accuracy jump. He always turned, fairly high up, for a nice up-wind landing. One year he got a dead center doing this. It can be done; but do not count on it. Jerry Baumchen PC Ser #363 Thanks to all. Jerry, I agree with your grain of salt. I have well over 100 round landings on various modified canopies. I always plf as it is what I was taught. I just figured if I keep jumping this PC I'd see what I can do with it. Which means I'll probably just plf. Propblast
  14. Can someone discuss the correct breaking or landing procedures under a PC or other toggle round. Is there a correct way of landing on your feet without a plf roll. Btw: I have he crash on the ground under my PC method completely figured out. Propblast
  15. Looking for the closest couple DZs and a new rigger. I miss Florida already... Propblast
  16. Sure is a lot of postering from the usual suspects. I swear even the good news gets twisted on this site. There certainly is a lot of people that have a high opinion of themselves on this site. Always there to point out the flaw in others and I am sure they have no flaws. I wonder how it feels to see all that perfection in the mirror in the morning. Ymmv. Good job by those officers btw. Propblast
  17. Fair enough. I may have to take you up on that. :) Propblast
  18. Thanks for the insult Dave. Not only do I read fine. I already knew who you where. Your D number is just to the left.