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  1. No secret projects here - my #1 project is trying to be good Mommy to my 10 mo. old daughter . Karin PS: I hope you didn't think that I added the F-word to Sara's name - I was trying to quote someone else's quote. I think Sara is a doll.
  2. >Hey, SARAH FUCKING BRACHER, have YOU, as the most experienced wingsuit pilot I know at Perris EVER jumped with these guys? Seriously??? The last wingsuit jump I made at Perris was with Jeb, Tim & Sarah
  3. I don't know about Luigi, but Jeb has a "TON" of wingsuit BASE jumps and has pretty much only flown wingsuits exclusively at the DZ since I met him in '98. He was proxy flying with the first suit that Birdman ever put out.
  4. OOOiii Matt! My question is: WHEN are you going to have kids?!? C'mon in, the water's fine . Your posts make you sound all grown up n' stuff. Moi... BASE is on the back burner for now, but I'm not selling my gear. Maybe Z will be up for ground crewing when she's old enough to understand why I spent so many years chasing altitude. Luuuv, Karin
  5. I took that picture. Breaks my heart. Some other ones from that trip are attached. A note about the second one: when I was about to snap that shot, Slim said, "Mate, I just hate these group shots cuz you just know that one of us isn't going to be here next year..."
  6. Speechless and utterly gutted. RIP mon ami.
  7. DW did many FF's from the 156', but never an aerial.
  8. If you're jumping a canopy that's huge for you (relatively speaking), the container would have been made to accommodate the canopy size, which could have a wide yoke. My pin-closed rigs (Vertex's) have fairly narrow yokes - one holds a 185 VTEC and the other holds a 205 VTEC. My velcro-closed rigs (Reactor's) seem to have slightly wider yokes, with the widest one holding a 220 FLIK. You can try cinching your cheststrap tighter after you gear up, which is a bit more effective if you have an articulated harness (rings at the hips allow the main lift web to flex inwards a tad more than non-artic). To be comfortable doing this, put the rig on, hike it up on your shoulders to where's most comfy, then tighten your cheststrap in that position, followed by tightening your legstraps last. Just make sure that you feel comfortable with where your BOC is situated, as it could end up being a couple of inches higher than before. I don't think packing really has a huge effect on how the yoke fits, unless you pack really 'fat', which could make the rig fit tighter overall, causing the backpad to push against your back and pulling the yoke & riser area outward. For the most part though, dealing with wide yokes is just part of being a small person. Although I'm taller than you - 5'1.5 .
  9. Check your Yahoo EM. ~ Karin
  10. "Because it is there." - George Leigh Mallory