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  1. Hi mate, Thank you for your message. That's what I've been told as well - it's all in my head. I will try to change the way of thinking about not passing the levels. It's only level 7 that I need to worry, 8 shouldn't be a problem I believe. Thanks ;)
  2. Hello, My instructors say that I need to relax during the free fall. I feel the same, when I relax it becomes easier. I tend to pass a level after a second try. I was in a tunnel for 22 minutes and again I could feel that I'm tensed so when I relax I become stable. It's supposed to be hot and sunny in Algarve next week, looking forward to that. Thank you ;)
  3. Hello, I started my AFF course back in May after thinking about it 6 years after I did my tandem jump. I was always thinking that I'd love to be a skydiver but never managed to save some money for it. I finally got a better job with a good pay so I saved up a little and signed up for a course. I planned to complete my course in 1-2 months. I thought I won't rush it and just enjoy it. Unfortunately 5 months later I'm still struggling with L7. I went to a tunnel twice. I work on some of the weekends and it happens to be a bad weather when I'm not working. I jumped 12 times and failed 6 times. I decided to go to Algarve for 4 days and try to complete it all. Somehow, from a very enthusiastic student I became just meh and I feel maybe it's just not for me. All I can think is that I'm going to fail my L7, i's hard to believe in myself. I thought I would just share my experience as I would love to get involved in sport more, but it seems that the fear of jumping out and failing is so big and that is pushing me away and I can't enjoy. Thanks for reading this.