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  1. I disagree with this. I always quarter the slider making sure the "ears" are out and the end cells are down. This ensures that the slider will catch all of the air as the canopy is pulled out of the d-bag. That's what they're there for. If one side of your bottom skin is catching air before the other it would seem more likely for the canopy to start twisting up. I've been on JVXs for 7 or 8 years (80 zp, 84 hybrid, 90 & 96 zp) and have had great openings on all of them doing it this way... RDS or stock slider.
  2. Where are the nearest international airports to the boogie? Geneva or something closer?
  3. I sent an e-mail to Barbara and the other contact they have on the website about a week ago but haven't gotten a response yet. If I'm eligible to compete I'd like to go. Anybody know anything I don't?
  4. Damn... $200 registration + $22 jumps for the CPC and PST Championships with no cash prizes mentioned for the CPC! Is this how it is? $175 registration + $13 jumps for the USPA Nationals though... That's reasonable.
  5. The helmet came set up with the hole for the Cam Eye when I got it. The Hypeye doesn't pop through the hole and hold itself in place like the Cam Eye did. I had to use a dab of super glue to keep it from pushing into the helmet when I hit the button. As far as the location of it goes, I like it just fine.
  6. Heres my FF3 with the CX100. I origionally had a HC5 in the helmet. I ordered a smaller clamshell and did a little work to it to allow the camera to be brought back into the box a bit to protect the lens from getting slapped by the riser on openings. I broke an HC5 that way last year and don't want to have that happen again.
  7. I kinda thought the CPC was going to be dead after the "big retirement". I think they're still having a regular CPC schedule in TX though. I'm thinking of having just one meet here at Skydive Chicago sometime in September. Not sure what's going on in Cali...
  8. Sunday Oct 18th Registration & official practice Registration- 9:00am-3:00pm Practice-8:00am-4:00pm Competitor briefing for CPC events Monday Oct 19th CPC Championships Safety briefing- 7:30am Distance event-8:00am-10:00am Accuracy event-11:00am-1:00pm Practice 2:00pm-8:00pm Tuesday Oct 20th CPC Championships Safety briefing- 7:30am Speed event-8:00am-10:00am Official Practice for USPA Nationals of CP 12:00pm-7:00pm ($13 slots) Competitor briefing for Nationals Award ceremony Wed Oct 21th 2009 USPA Nationals Safety briefing- 7:30am Speed event-8:00am-10:00am Accuracy event-11:00am-1:00pm Practice 2:00pm-8:00pm Thursday Oct 22th 2009 USPA Nationals Safety briefing- 7:30am Distance event-8:00am-10:00am Practice 12:00pm-8:00pm Competitor briefing for PST events Award ceremony medal event Friday Oct 23th 2009 USPA Nationals Safety briefing- 7:30am Practice all day Saturday Oct 24th PST Championships Safety briefing- 8:30am Long Jump-9:00am-11:00am Freestyle X-12:00pm-2:00pm Sunday Oct 25th PST Championships Safety briefing- 8:30am The Challenge event-9:00am-11:00am Award ceremony
  9. Sweet! I always used to use the remote on all my other cameras. Thanks
  10. I picked up a CX100 and have been playing around with it a bit. I'm not figuring out how to play in slow motion. That kinda sucks if you can't do it. It's nice to hook up to the big screen after a good jump and see what ya did... Am I missing it somewhere?
  11. You bought that 16GB card off of E-Bay for a really good deal, didn't you? I bought two "Sony" ones from a U.S. seller that said they weren't fakes and I got the same error code. If you paid less than $70 (and that's a steal) for them, they're probably fake. I was able to return them and get a full refund with no hassle. Radio Shack has 8GB Sandisk Pro Duo Memory Sticks on sale for $35.00 right now. I just went and picked up two of them today.
  12. I picked up a CX100 and I was wondering what kind of memory sticks are best. There's a couple different options I've been looking at. Sony offers their Memory Stick Pro Duo Mark II and Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo. Sandisk has the Memory Stick Pro Duo which appears to have the same specs as Sony's. Is there anything to be gained with the HG version over the regular Pro Duo Mark II in this application (video) or is the lower priced Mark II ample as far as speed and everything else goes?
  13. (I just got this e-mail and thought I'd put it up here for those that didn't...) "Just when and everyone thought it was over, Jim is back! He just can't seem to get away from it all! After months and months of negotiation with Skydive Spaceland they have convinced Jim Slaton to organize Swoop Week at the 2009 US Nationals in Houston! Jim had planned to move on to bigger and better things but the US Nationals finally came to his home town. Skydive Spaceland has spent allot of effort and money into their drop zone for this year's Nationals. The DZ is also building a large swoop scene with (should we dare say it) the largest swoop pond in the country. Swoop Week will be organized very similar to last year with the US Nationals of Canopy Piloting, the CPC Championships and the Pro Swooping Tour championships. The tour will offer "Pro" slots/cards for the top ten winners of the CPC championships and a $5,000 cash purse to the top winners of the PST Championships. ALL amatuers are invited to the CPC championships. These are indiviuals who are not pro qualified or have not competed at the pro level in any other swoop competitions. There will be much more information coming out soon and the website will be updated with all this years information about the event. See you then!"
  14. I've been using one of these... They're lightweight and it's easy to access whatever you need by just opening a zipper. Good protection from moisture and minor scuffs & dings.
  15. The Century .3 Fisheye "Baby Death" is supposed to be an awesome lens for inside flying. I've never used one myself. I know Trevor from Raeford uses one. He's the only one I've seen with it so far. Heres the lens:
  16. If anybody's interested, there's a seller on E-Bay that just sold me a HDR-CX100 in silver with a MACK 4 year extended warranty, and a bunch of extra aftermarket stuff (3 filters, extra battery, car charger, camera case, cleaning kit, mini tripod and 52" tripod) all for $637 including shipping in the U.S. He's got a few more. *** You have to request Mack as the carrier of the warranty. He was origionally going to use a different carrier, but switched it to Mack at no additional charge per my request.
  17. The main reason I use a filter on my Raynox 5050 is to reduce problems with the lens fogging up. For whatever reason the "bubbled out" glass of the Raynox lens tends to fog up frequently for me. I screwed on a UV filter and the problem went away. I assume it's just because the glass is flat on the filter.
  18. The .3 in a Raynox is the 3030. Some places will have it listed as the 3032. To my understanding, the variations in part numbers pretty much only reflect the number of different step-up rings that come with it. The 3030 is a good lens too, but the only thing I don't like about it is that it's not threaded for a filter.
  19. A good one from Swoop Week ... Ian Bobo
  20. My recommendations: in order, not considering price as a factor... 1) Vector 2) Mirage 3) Javelin 4) Wings or Infinity I wouldn't want a Dolphin or Voo Doo
  21. comes out to just about right, no? $2600 for a brand new regular velo. $300 for a new HMA350 lineset, $300 for an RDS I guess you're right Mike... I didn't realize they were giving an extra lineset with the canopy... My bad.
  22. Competion Velo is ONLY $3200... It does come with an RDS though... Still seems about $200 high though.
  23. They are not aluminum. They're made out of some kind of alloy that not nearly as soft... Almost like titanium. I don't know how else to explain it.
  24. I just ordered one. I can always cancel the order if I change my mind. I'm number 1 on the pre-order list at Crutchfields