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  1. As a relative newbie I still find it really useful for learning a lot from the old sweats. All the other forums I use are on Tapatalk which brings a great design and means they’re all handy from one app. That would definitely help.
  2. In the UK we refer to flaking the tail, but describe what we do to the slider as ‘quartering’ :-)
  3. 1) getting the wife and kids to let me go jump 2) how much I spend on jumps and kit 3) having the time and money but the weather sucks
  4. I don’t mean to be patronising but if you type into google “javelin container sizing chart” etc you get the manufacturer websites up that have the lists. You’ll also be able to see their own additional recommendations, such as on the Javelin site is says you can probably go a size smaller, but not larger. You can also see what reserves they’ll take. I’m in a similar boat to you and echo Skybytch’s comment- why would you want a small reserve? For instance I’m thinking a V350 over a V351 as while they take the same mains, the 350 takes bigger reserves.
  5. Thanks all, J4K definitely back in contention then. I’ve only ever jumped Odysseys to date so would be very happy with that as a container.
  6. Brilliant thanks. I think UPT will be getting my money then. I have been on Silhouettes since I was on 260s so am happy to stay jumping them all the way down.
  7. I was looking at a J4K too - the Sunpath website says it goes down to 190, but I was wondering if a bigger packing 170 would work. And if so what are the “bigger” 170s?!
  8. Thanks for your answer, I’ll look into getting something now then! Yes I’d be happy with low bulk canopies. interestingly I’ve just seen that the V353 is listed as being able to hold Silhouette 210 (tight), 190 (standard) and 170 (loose). Does anyone have any experience of this?
  9. I have a Pebble and really like it. You have to plug it into a computer or android device to programme it, but as long as you aren’t wanting to change your breakaway height every jump this isn’t a problem. It’s no frills, but does everything I need.
  10. Hi all, long time guest lurker, recent member, first time poster. I’ve been jumping a couple of years averaging about 50 jumps a year, currently B Licence with 110 jumps. Looking to get my first rig now as it’ll save me money on rental and packing long term. I’ve just downsized to a 210 and plan on jumping that for another 40 jumps which will probably be about a year for me. I’m in no great hurry so will likely then jump a 190 for 75-100 jumps (2-3 years) and then go to a 170. I may never find myself going below that - I jump for the freefall not the time under canopy, and want canopies that are sporty enough to be fun and cut through the wind, won’t keep me up high for ages, but are big enough to be safe, and controllable enough to get me out of trouble others may cause! I’ve been looking at loads of different containers and their sizing guides and would appreciate a bit of advice. I know people say that “one size up or down” idea is a myth, but people may have some input. My question is really is there anything that safely does 170 up to low pack volume 210? Or is it worth staying on rental gear while I’m on a 210 and then get something that does LPV 190 and normal 170? The only container I can see that might go all the way is a UPT V350 with Pilot 210 ZPX, then a Pulse 190, then a Silhouette 170 for instance. But I don’t expect there’ll be many second hand Pilot 210 ZPXs out there and while I’m going to get a custom container (and probably a newish reserve and AAD), I’m thinking second hand mains until I settle on a final size. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.