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  1. There is no dropzone anymore nearby Medulin!
  2. After we arrived ~11:00 at the DZ we found out that there are no starts before 14:00. Ok, our fault. We should have called and not depend only on the web-side, but it would be more professional if the information of actual opening hours would be available at the web-side and at the DZ! Unfortunately, we didn’t get the opportunity to test the nice buildings and aircraft in praxis since we got very frustrated at the registration due to a very grumpy person at the manifest. Standing in line at the desk, we got 3 times ignored by the girl doing the manifest. After we asked for the registration form we were told in a pert way that we must wait until she has time. After the 3rd approach we got so frustrated that we gave it up. I wish you good luck that during your visit you will have another person at the desk. For us it was the last time we visited Gransee!