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  1. On 8/9/2019 at 6:52 PM, NatashaVanessa37 said:


    Just want to say a brief and shy hello to everyone!!

    I'm an ex-trainee skydiver, and it's been years since I did my last jump due to personal reasons..

    Maybe I can be convinced again to return back to Empuriabrava/Langar?!


    You should also try skydive Algarve, great dz and popular with brits too

  2. If you plan to jump in France take notice of their regulations regarding canopy size/jump numbers. They are pretty strict I hear. I haven't jumped there but there is a minimum jump number for canopy sizes and they are rigidly enforced I believe so it is worth investigating if you plan on taking your own rig. Google will help you I'm sure.

    I jump Skydive Madrid and Algarve. Both have great people. Algarve has great beaches too :)

  3. On 1/14/2019 at 6:40 AM, Bud_T said:

    Thanks for the replies. I’m small, so it’s not really a “hot little rig” to me. I guess it’s more of a rigging issue as the pack volumes are so different amongst manufacturers. Parachute systems gives the pack volumes on their website for each of their canopies, but PD doesnt; they have a “pack volume chart” but it’s pretty much useless as they don’t give pack volumes on it. I found the pack volume for the decelerator150 is between the OP143 and OP160 -but closer to the latter. Nonetheless, I’m still awaiting a response by UPT for the reserve tray volume of the v310. I couldn’t find the pack volume of the sabre2 150 to compare with that of the Volt 150. I guess I was just wondering if anyone else put these in their Rig to see how it worked out.

    I have a safire 2 150 and a PDR143 in a 310. I have also had pilot 170 zpx in it with the same size reserve. It is tight but I have not had any yet. I am a noob though and this is just my experience so far. I don't have enough knowledge to comment on whether or not this is good but nobody has mentioned an issue after rigger inspections and reserve repacks.

  4. stick with it and get lvl 7 out of the way. Once you are on your console jumps you may realize just how relaxed you can be when you are not under scrutiny, no pressure :)

    The best advice I was ever given was to smile. Even if you have to force it, smile. It works wonders...try it.

    Good luck. I'll be out in Algarve in November, great DZ.

  5. I crapped myself every time the door opened for over 100 jumps. As I would be climbing to altitude I would be in a constant struggle with my demons and nausea and would be literally shitting myself, I actually thought I had on one occasion when I was sitting next to the pilot in a porter...luckily after getting down and checking it was all clear. I had to force myself to manifest and would very often only jump a couple of times in a day even though conditions were great...I was using all sorts of excuses not to go. I am still not that happiest whilst in the plane and continually force myself to try new stuff, like opening the door or climbing onto a camera step on an unfamiliar aircraft, but am beginning to get more comfortable. The fear is a good thing but you have to battle through and let it fuel you, not overwhelm you. If you keep at it and work through it I'm sure it'll become manageable. I am still a baby at this and only have just over 200 jumps but I feel what you are going through and can sympathize. The only way I can think of is to experience it more and force yourself out of your comfort zone...try different exits, try the camera step, get your FS1and jump with others as if they're're going. Best of luck, stay frosty and blue skies.