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  1. Someone named Lynn recently said they were submitting reviews of 2 books on Amazon. Martin Andrade and Bruce Smith. Can someone please point me to those reviews? I only see old reviews.
  2. Eric Ulis saying that he has investigated this case for 11 years is a flat out lie.
  3. Welcome! Bring more people with you so we can hear about more topics. I asked a while ago on this page about the dredge. Do you know where the dredge started? I hear a lot that the money was deposited on the sand bar. But where did it come from if it was dredged?
  4. Fly Jack. I agree. How could so many different people be wrong about where the plane was? I was looking at your picture of the $20 bill. What are the little holes in the bill and how did the edges end up looking like they are cut or chewed? That bill does not look like it was buried for 10 years or had been wet. Are there bugs that live in sand that would do that or fish?
  5. Who is making money off this case? No one. I hear you speak about agendas. Don't you have an agenda? This is the pot calling the kettle black. You are promoting yourself and a book and a suspect and using your convention as a method to do it.
  6. I do not have viewing rights on that forum and am unable to see when Eric Ulis's first post was on there. From what I can tell, he did not post anything on the old DropZone. Eric Ulis-do you have any documentation showing you have investigated this case for 10 years or do you decline to answer this question?
  7. Flyjack or RobertMBlevins: Maybe you can help. When did Eric come on the D.B. Cooper scene? The farthest I can go back and find anything is around November 2018 in relation to the D.B. Cooper Conference in Seattle. Where was he before and where does this 10 years of research come from? Skydivers have been talking about Sheridan Peterson and his exploits for decades.
  8. I looked at your site coopercase.com and I am now seeing what others have said, that all you are doing is setting up Sheridan Peterson as DB Cooper, and it looks as if the reason is that you are writing a book. If this is the case, you have stated that you investigated this case for 10 years. If you do publish, people may want to see proof of your research, especially given that there have been others who discussed Peterson before you. Do you have proof of any research from ten years ago. I can find nothing online that shows you in any articles, any chat rooms, Facebook, anywhere. Am I wrong? Saying you've been investigation for 10 years could come across as an exaggeration and raise some questions about your credibility.
  9. I'm going to take a guess and say your psychological profile fits Sheridan Peterson perfectly. Am I right? I've seen a few of these bytes, and there is some interesting material in a few, but other times it's like listening to a used car salesman or a TV infomercial.
  10. What about DNA? Can't they find DB Cooper that way? One more reason to show that the FBI really does not care about the case. Some YouTube videos and podcasts aren't going to be enough to get this case in the public eye again.
  11. How could there possibly be a part from a 727 right where the D.B. Cooper plane flew over? Could it have been planted?
  12. The Kenny Christanson story is interesting, but there are a number of suspects who supposedly have the FBI attached to them. The Rackstraw team says they have FBI backing them up, so does the Reca group, the Sheridan Peterson guy says he spoke to a FBI agent who thinks Peterson could be Cooper. Why could you only promise to keep Troy's name secret for a year? I think it would be great for you to do a movie, it would help you get people interested in the case. Regardless of how interested some people are, I just don't see the nationwide interest in this case. Maybe you can change that. When I search for D.B. Cooper, most of what I find is about Robert Rackstraw.
  13. I was not aware there is still a case agent. I can see your point about people in the Northwest being more into this case than other parts of the country. Thanks for the information. Do you know if the FBI has a profile for a suspect and has that changed now that he would be an old man? What is different about a 40 year old hijacker now that he is in his 90's? Does he act differently now, tell stories in a nursing home, give his grandchildren large sums of money? Would something show up in his will, or in a foot locker in the attic?
  14. The people investigating D.B. Cooper seem to have an element of frustration with the fact that the FBI is not interested in the case, and that in general the public is not really interested in any of the details. This research appears to be important to you and your friends, but at what point does it become an unhealthy obsession? Even if this was solved it would only get a quick snippet of time in the news and then quickly be replaced with something new. Besides, the FBI has much bigger things to worry about, and any tips they get are probably being handled by some low paid, low level employee. How would you feel if you were a victim of a crime and found out that the FBI was handling tips about a 50 year old case where no one was hurt and they could have been working your case instead? Or that the FBI missed out on preventing a crime because they were tied up with tips? I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad, but this seems like a hobby that you really should not get so wrapped up in. How many people really care about this? And what if one of these suspects turns out to be innocent? How would you feel?
  15. EJU-I don't see Sheridan Peterson as a strong suspect. I have some free time this weekend and will do some looking into more details on him. How does he feel about being named as DB Cooper at aged 93 years? When will you do more videos on suspects?
  16. Why are you posting this every day? Will there be 52 weeks of these posts every weekday?
  17. How far back to posts go on this topic of DB Cooper? I see February 2008, but it sounds like it goes back further than that. I might not be using the search function correctly. I thought a FBI agent named Ckret posted on here at one point.
  18. I don't know. "Do the job" sounds like something someone would say that has a bomb and is threatening people. Maybe it has military connotations. The term ladder jumped out at me and made me think of some of those World War II movies. Did you ever figure out where the dredge started? That is some good info on the bills you posted.
  19. Flyjack-you posted some files that show he used the term "ladder" versus "stairs." Someone who flew on military C-47's would have used a ladder to get in the plane right? not stairs. Doesn't the term ladder indicate military more than someone who was not in the military?
  20. If that money was not DB Cooper's, then it throws off a lot of other theories. So none of the money ever went into circulation? Were you able to determine where the dredge started?
  21. Do you know where the dredge began? Location? Good map.
  22. Eyewitness testimony is questionable, especially if it is under stress or in passing like in a bank robbery. But there were postings on here from a FBI agent who said that one of the stewardesses spent hours with DB Cooper, and up close. He seems to believe the witness descriptions. I'm impressed with all these FBI files and pictures. Keep those coming. Do we really need a picture of James Klansic every 2 hours though? He resembles the sketches, point taken. The picture from Derek G of the map showing how far away the money was found from the flight path is eye opening. 12 miles is a long way.
  23. Not knowing all the details of the case, my understanding is that most people have spent time looking for the money where the kid found those bills, and looking for where Cooper landed, but no one spent much time looking at other spots along the plane's path like where the placard was found. It would be great to see your group find something during the camp out. Have there been hikers in that area or searchers? What else could be found, the bomb or a parachute?