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  1. Clearly some strong feelings out there from people who fortunately aren't injured! A friend of mine is in the situation I described. He hit a mound of concrete which was hidden under grass so he couldn't see it from above in the field he picked to land in, so he feels understandably hard done to. He is not a student and has nearly 100 jumps. Despite breaking part of his back there was no nerve damage, but he will struggle with walking. He won't sue, but we were just discussing it the other day and I wondered what everyone else thought. I don't know what I would do in his situation. I am not convinced that everyone checks the spot every time the jump though...
  2. An instructor makes a bad spot, you end up landing off and get seriously injured during the landing. Would you sue the DZ for negligence or do you accept that they just made a bad call and it was tough luck for you?
  3. Once. Last year in Croatia. I didn't realise what was happening and end up landing on my head tangled up with someone else! Was a bit worried about my handles, but was all ok. The tandem passsanger took it well...until he landed then was very very ill!!
  4. We are missing you at 13 000ft, honey, but don't rush! I know it's frustrating, so why not come do a bit of wind tunnel whilst sitting out the winter? And get a bigger canopy for a while when you do come back! Love always Jo x
  5. Thanks for the tips everyone and thanks for the comprehensive advice Emma. I'll let you know how we get on! Jo
  6. Hello all I´m heading to the wind tunnel in Paris next month and am after advice. I have 150 jumps and am going with a friend who has 200. Neither of us has been in a tunnel before. 1) How much time should we each have? And how much with an intructor? 2) How long will it be (best guess) before we can go into the tunnel together? 3) Does anyone know any good wind tunnel training plans on the internet somewhere? (I´ve been trailing the internet for answers, but no joy - help!) Am looking forward to not having to pack! Thank you! Happy landings Jo
  7. "At least a week" try living in Belgium... Welcome to this wonderful world! Jo
  8. I hate it when people get angry of frustrated about either themselves or others going wrong. If it goes to plan then - hey wicked! If it goes wrong - ah well, but hey wicked we just did a jump!
  9. Some airlines won't touch them at all even in the hold if they realise what you have. Friends of mine have been refused passage on Ryan Air (our first trip to Empuria has still not happend) and I was told in East Midlands airport that Go and Easyjet won't touch them either. They insist that there is some sort of pressure canister in the rig which makes it unsafe - v annoying.
  10. The Pink will be at Spa from 10-13 July. Come join us for lots of fun! Jo
  11. This is something I have been wondering - to chop of not to chop when you have a PC wrapped around you. I think I would chop to avoid the two getting tangled up, but I'd be interested to hear what others think.
  12. I've been having loads of skydiving dreams recently and having read the previous thread about dreams wondered if anyone has any more interesting ones. Also how often do you dream about skydiving? It seems to feature most nights for me at the moment!It might be because I am jumping a lot at the moment, but then I thought that I was dreaming about it loads in the winter because I wasn't jumping! I had one dream recently that I have found it really hard to shake off. I remember looking at my alti and seeing it show 2 000ft and panicking that I was getting low. The dream ended there, but I have happily just received an audiable alti anyway, so hopefully it wasn't a premonition! Just a few days after the dream, I jumped and tore the strap of my wrist mounted alti on exit and nearly dropped it - so maybe it was a premonition of sorts!
  13. I get nervous just thinking about it! I was nervous during AFF and then I got a bit confident and wasn't so nervous, but from about 40 jumps onwards learnt so much about the sport, that I am now healthily nervous again. As soon as I am walking towards the door, I am no longer nervous.
  14. Welcome to a wonderful world! Come jump in Belgium at Spa sometime. Tiz wicked!
  15. Thanks a lot. Given my landings, any help is welcome! If anyone else can point us in the right direction of useful stuff, please do! Jo