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  1. I moved to Pittsburgh mid-February and I haven't jumped since then because of the move and covid-19, but I would like to go back to the sky ASAP. Right now I don't have a car and I am trying to find other skydivers in my city to go to any DZ with. Anybody here?
  2. vivaladav


    Awful experience with my Altitron, avoid. My altimeter has never been very reliable and it went crazy after only 8 months and started to reset to 0ft randomly, even while I was on the plane. Ironically when you try to reset the altitude on the ground it never works and you have to waste many minutes pushing buttons and hoping for the best. Awful customer service from Parasport took almost 3 months to replace my faulty unit and the new one shows the same issues of the first one. I wish I never bought it.
  3. Hi, I am planning a trip to Russia and I was thinking to stop at the Krutitcy DZ to do some tunnel and jumps. Even if it's in the middle of nowhere (4-5 hrs from Moscow) and it seems I will struggle a bit to get there, prices are very affordable and it should be worth paying it a visit. Has anyone jumped there (this year)? Any honest opinion to share? Thanks and blue skies.
  4. vivaladav


    It offers 3 alarms in free-fall + a timed one and 3 more alarms under canopy. Unfortunately it's a pretty useless tool as it's not loud enough to be heard in free-fall, even if setting the volume to the max.
  5. This one, right? It looks good, shame I don't use a G3... EDIT: there is one for the Parasport Z1 (my helmet), now I am seriously considering this... Thank you!
  6. Yes, it's MOHOC. The anti-snag shape is sleek, but for less of that money I can buy a GoPro Hero 7 (with way better specs) AND an anti-snag mount. Thanks anyway!
  7. Yeah, in the end I realized that... I can't find your "Triple D" on FB, too many of them... but I found a guy at my DZ who is going to 3D print me something, so problem solved! Thanks anyway!
  8. Does anybody own or knows where to find an anti snag mount for a YI action camera? Everything I find online is for GoPro only...