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  1. baronn

    You have 3 choices;

    Skydive Las Vegas. Fyrosity or Vegas Extreme

    Thank you - do you have any experience with any of these dropzones? Are there any you'd recommend over the others? This website has no reviews at all for Fyrosity or Skydive Las Vegas :(

    We do the 200 tandems over 4 days at Pepperell in Mass.

  2. DJL

    I would recommend getting the money in hand before booking anything. Everyone says they want to do a skydive, 1 in 50 actually show up. Add Vegas to that and.....

    Made an edit to the header post

    Other notes: We have the money to front the entire cost of the booking, have an electronic booking and payment system for our group and have had no issues doing this with a group of 200 tandems on a yearly basis.

  3. TL;DR - I am NOT looking for help or advice with getting people to sign up. We do this LITERALLY (not figuratively) EVERY YEAR with 200 tandems in MA. I am looking for help with selecting dzs in Vegas.

    Looking for recommendations for places in Vegas for a large group (50-100) tandems over at most 2 days. (+ points if it will also be fun for myself, a fun jumper).

    What prices are reasonable?

    Reminder that I AM NOT LOOKING for advice on getting people to sign up/making sure they pay blah blah blah. Again, we do this literally every year with 200 tandems in MA.