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  1. Currently in AFF, I did 3 tandem jumps my first time going. my DZ has a deal where each successive tandem jump the same day is half off. blue skies
  2. Would you recommend a physical logbook over an app or spreadsheet, or should I think about both? blue skies
  3. Haha I appreciate the warnings. I've actually stayed away from most of the info and have been reading about others experiences. And I love ramen! blue skies
  4. And now I'm obsessed with it. I've been lurking the forums, the sub reddit, YouTube. I can't get it out of my head. A little background, I'm a 37yr old who's wanted to skydive since I was 11 and saw point break. I finally just pulled the trigger 2 weeks ago and went to a nearby dropzone with a friend from work. I paid for 1 tandem jump each. I was probably 60% excitement, 40% nerves. But it felt good, and it kept feeling better as we met the instructors, boarded the plane and climbed into the sky. I've never felt like that before. Never had a passion in life so I didn't recognize what was happening but it felt like a religious experience to be honest. I was amped up and calm at the same time, super overwhelmed by everything going on around me but laser focused. When they opened the door all the way my heart was hammering away but I couldn't wait to jump! And then we did. It was so much more than anything I could have expected and I jumped 2 more times that day. My friend wasn't really feeling it which is weird because he's getting his pilots license. Anyway, I called back and signed up for the AFF class which I'll be starting in 2 days. I was so excited when I paid for the course I couldn't sleep. So I'll take any advice or suggestions or comments you can provide, being completely new to it all. Thanks! blue skies