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  1. Wondering who I should jump with? I'll be in Hawaii and able to jump on July 14th 15th & 16th. I'd like to jump on Sunday the 14th and possibly get a helicopter in that day and jump the rest of the day. any advice who is better?
  2. Hey whats up everyone, I'm trying to find my first canopy and I've just returned a Pulse 260 DEMO that i loved a lot... Looking for a canopy to demo that fits into my W-25 Wings Container as the Pulse did. My container holds a 210-230 I believe.. and I'm exiting at 270-275 lbs... im 38 years old and 71 jumps in (1-1/2yrs) and just want a big boat of a Main Canopy which the Pulse was. Wondering if there are any other 250-260 canopies that fit into a 230 bag and Container like the pulse does. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Thanks for your response... Ya I am trying to get 10 lbs lighter and get to 220 myself. Sounds like you and I will have similar progression stories. I am at 32 jumps as of now, right when you went from 300 to the 260... I was at the DZ on the 4th and they were supposed to put me under the 280 but it was getting serviced so I couldn't. I wanted to ask about the 260 but I hate being told no, haha and I'm very impatient... But do you think I need to try the 280 first or do you think I should be ok trying the 260 next?? I'm just thinking that the difference in 300 and 280 will be minimal and not enough to get me a good feel for the differences in smaller mains. and I've been asking em to downsize a while now and they finally said ok to the 280 after several days of decent landings.... also like i mentioned in my post, the flare is really slow and wondering if the 260 will give me a better feel for how smaller mains will flare.. not sure yet obviosly but I odnt think I'll ever be under anything smaller than a 210.. thats why i pulled the trigger on buying a new container to fit 210-230 ( Wings Vision ) .. thanks again man!..
  4. Thinking of just making the jump from my student navigator 300 to a 230 to go inside my new Wings Vision Container. Im 230 lbs without gear on. Just looking for some knowledge on what to expect and how much of a difference between the 2 there is. Maybe what the difference in flare capabilities there is. It seems like on the student Navigator 300 the flare takes a while to react and in no winds I'm moving pretty fast still even with a well timed flare. Any & All advice is welcomed.. I appreciate it. thanks in advance
  5. No i dont care really about crowd opinion, and The wings being a bit cheaper did play into my decision im not ganna lie, but my dealer didn't mention anything regarding a bad reputation and I actually passed on the "used Main" the guy had lined up for me and with that $ I was ganna use toward the used main, I went with some custom options with that $ so I'm not a cheapo, but I was just going off my dealer recommendation. I needed a container big enough for a 210-230 and thats what he recommended. Also, the wings container i got is the new "Wings Vision"... which i think is a new version of their system. I have the reserve boost MARD option on it, so that will help with the reserve deployment,
  6. I see what you are talking, but I've got it come with the reserve boost MARD -- so that will help with that situation not happening.. but could it be that the pilot chute is bad instead of the container? If so, what PC would you recommend?
  7. Anyone have any info on Why I've just read that "Wings" container are bad containers? I'm having a Wings Vision built right now, and im o a week into it and thinking of going to a different container if they are that bad? any input would appreciated