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  1. you guys are great...My intention was to stir up a little no way I gave my own opinion or a "what would I have done" in my first post... Just to clear this up. If I would have been in that situation I would have chopped it for sure, as I'm handling problems when they occur and deal with the consequences afterwards. Landing a main with a line over is out of question for me. I even think I would not even think so far, as "will I land in the water if I cutaway here" at that moment when the decision is to be made... however in the case I described I was told the TI (who I do not know personally, I do not even know his name) chose to land the main and came away with a few bruises...
  2. Hey Guys, Here is one for you to discuss. It didn't happen to me and though I know there was a case where this actually happened, I have not seen it and can't give any more details than I'm posting here. So imagine this: Your doing tandems at a dropzone close to the sea. For sunset you are doing a tandem landing at the beach. Because of the wind conditions the jumprun goes out to the sea and after an uneventfull freefall you open the main over sea at your normal deployment altitude. Then you have a line over mal, which cannot be solved but the canopy flies straight when you bury one toggle. Of course it will be impossible to flare like this.. Imagine further that you will reach the beach when you fly straight from here to the land but may not reach it when losing altitude by cutting away. Now here comes the question: Do you cutaway when you don't know for sure if this will result in a waterlanding? Do you cutaway if you know it will result in a waterlanding? Discussion on :)
  3. As for the editing problem. I have found a solution to that. I use a external media player (mine is called "poppstar") to playback the files one after the other. I put the sd card into the mediaplayer use the output of the mediaplayer just like it would come directly from a camera and can therefore use my normal "old school" video editing board as before. The media player creates a small pause between 2 files, however thats not a real problem to me. With the media player I can even slow mo the parts of the files I want to... And everything is done in linear time without rendering or anything just like it did before with my tape camera. works for problem with the gopro is more related to the shake in freefall which I was not yet able to get rid off..but thats not the topic here...
  4. Hey Jarno Next time you swoop my tandem within 10 meters without telling me I will ground you for life Nice to know you guys had fun...You are all welcome in Soest again everytime.... Blues
  5. Hi everybody Everybodys talking about financial crisis and recession. While we are still off season for 3 more weeks here, I would like to know what to expect this summer. For the people who jumped in winter time. Can you already feel that numbers of tandems, students or fun jumpers are declining? How much is it? Or can't you feel it at all? Blues Catwatch
  6. ok number 50 is me Christian Biermann number 45 Thomas Vogt number 23 Bernd Lahme Blues
  7. Hey guys..just wanted you to know that I've uploaded a video to skydivingmovies which includes some footage from Cochstedt. Even some shots from the 48way are in it! Even though I wasn't brave enough to fly closer to the base :) See for yourself
  8. Maybe you guys missed my point. My idea was to introduce numbers just like base numbers to mark a flight over 3 minutes as a life time achievement only very few people reach in their life. As a 3 minute man or woman you could feel in some way special. I know that proving this is hard and can be faked but this is also possible with base numbers, isn't it? Btw. whats the best time you've heard of from 14000 agl?really 4 minutes?
  9. Hi everybody Yesterday an idea crossed my mind. What about giving out numbers, just like base numbers for everyone who flew more than 3 minutes from, say 14000 feet agl in a wingsuit? Just to mark it as an life time achievement of some kind. Maybe this would also be a promotion idea for some manufacturers...One could prove the jump with gps or protrack data.... What do you think? Greets Christian P.S. Hey Jari I sell this idea to your company for a brand new S3S...just for you to know ..
  10. Hi everybody My first post here so I know BEER!!! Just wondering if anybody feels also trapped when there is cloud cover all the day and the weatherforecast says there will be clouds the next days, too? Any suggestions how to get over this?I'm very frustrated.... bYe Catwatch