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  1. Yeah that's the way the network and I roll. Let me guess, you're a flat-Earther?
  2. Very compelling. Especially the part of me being afraid of you and "he has no idea what I have." Remember those words. You're about ready to look like the biggest fool in the world. And that, you can take to the bank.
  3. Here we go again, yet more lies. 1) Look up the first time I referred to you as a troll. When was that? 2) I did not steal anything from you. You're implying that I stole info about the tie from you? You're full of shit. I conducted my own research, determined the tie was manufactured by Remington Apparel Co. in Wilmington, NC in 1963 or 1964. This is my work. Not yours. Stop lying. 3) The Sonoran Alliance? Wow, very reputable. Apparently you know nothing about politics. You believe what you want to believe fool. 4) Where did I admit I plead guilty to anything? Good luck with that. There is nothing wrong with my character. The same cannot be said about you. My proof: Look at the temper tantrum and lies you've been spreading for months. Frankly debating this with you is like arguing with a rock in the yard. By the way, why don't you tune in on July 5th and learn a thing or two. Like I told GEORGER a couple of days ago, I'm light years ahead of you on this case. Can you guess how?
  4. I appreciate your comments. Anyone who has read this thread has got to acknowledge that Fly and Blevins have had a field day trolling me over the last several months. Moreover, one can easily verify that I have not responded on this thread for several months. Yet the trolling continues and somehow this is my fault? Really? I WAS NEVER CHARGED OR CONVICTED OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. NOR DID I EVER PLEAD GUILTY TO ANYTHING. Yet, you listen to Fly and he bald face lies that I was involved with domestic abuse. This lie, of course, came from the very reliable Blevins. Name a single person who ever accused me of laying a finger on them. If I were charged or convicted it stands to reason that there would be a court document pointing to a charge and/or conviction, right? Well where is it. The Cooper sites have been run over by a few bad apples. By and large, I ignore it. But tonight, for whatever reason I decided to call one of the trolls out. Dudeman17, you're entitled to let people libel you and talk shit about you all night if you so choose. That said, why should I be required to do the same?. What do you call it when someone pops up with a 1989 newspaper clipping concerning an unpaid speeding ticket? Really? On a DB Cooper thread? Yet the problem is me? As for Derek showing up on the same night, well, believe it or not, that's just pure coincidence. Cheers!
  5. Thinking about this, I actually think investigating me is probably a better use of your time. After all, when you focus on DB Cooper you end up with nonsense like: 1) DB Cooper intended to fly to Mexico non-stop but changed his mind and decided to jump early. 2) DB Cooper landed in the Willamette River Valley area and the money magically floated down from there. 3) The money ended up in a dump along the Columbia River. 4) They actually delivered Cooper six parachutes and decided to mysteriously keep two of them secret. and my personal favorite... 4) Tina Mucklow was involved. Well done TrollJack. I'm sure a movie deal is just around the corner.
  6. Oh, by the way, your charged question, "Did you plead guilty to get into the domestic violence diversion program?" The answer is NO. You may as well do some more investigating here because you know next to nothing about the Cooper case and you should at least try to get out of donating $1000 even though it will be futile. Don't forget about that $1K TrollJack. The animals will appreciate it much.
  7. I love it. An unabashed troll. Yes indeed, that is me. I spent 2 hours in jail for not paying a speeding ticket--or showing up in court to challenge it. Yep a hardcore misdemeanor from 1989. I would have never guessed that that episode would lead to so much enjoyment today. Watching you scramble and grasp at straws, anything to slime me, in an attempt to bring me down to your level. I understand, failure hurts. I understand, ignorance isn't actually bliss. I very much appreciate you making yourself look like a fool. Unless, of course, you really think this event from 1989 is really likely to damage my reputation. What to do? Well, you're going to have to do better then that TrollJack to get me off your back about owing $1000 per our deal.
  8. How stupid can you possibly be? I mean, there you go again stating "police records" claimed I was charged. Do you know how to tell the truth? At this point I'm interpreting this as you taking me up on my $1000 wager. I'm sure any reasonable person reading your posts would see it the same way. Therefore, unless you can come up with that proof mighty quickly you owe the charity of my choice $1000. You're not going to renege on this are you? Let me make it easy for you William, send that check for $1000 to any animal charity in Canada. I'm an animal lover, especially cats, and I know there is always help needed. Please let us all know when you make that contribution. As a good faith gesture, I will also send $1000 to an animal charity in Arizona...even though I cannot possibly lose the challenge because unlike you I know the truth. Good doing business with you William. Cheers!
  9. I call you a troll because you are a troll. A bottom feeder. People don't need to put up with chumps like you. This is a thread about DB Cooper. I call you on the carpet for trolling me for the 1000th time over the last six months and you immediately go to the gutter and try to slime me by calling me a domestic abuser. That makes you a troll. Of course you're also not man enough to apologize, even though you conceded. As far as whether such remarks a libelous or not, who the hell are you? Did you write the law? Do you know what it says? Do you know how to prove it or defend against it? Perhaps I should threaten you with a lawsuit--you know what that's like, right? SHUTTER and GEORGER ring a bell? Amazing you get all butt-hurt over GEORGER but see nothing wrong with wrongfully libeling me a domestic abuser. Then you question why I get amped up about it? I think more than one person on this site wouldn't put up with such cheap shots, especially from a bottom-feeder like you. TrollJack, you really are just plum stupid. Nonetheless, let me remind you, don't ever libel me again or I will have a friendly Ontario attorney crawl up your ass with a microscope.
  10. You called me a domestic abuser. Your words not mine. That's called libel pal. That's the kind of shit you get sued over. You're a troll. But you know that. I have just proved it. You can't prove anything because you don't have any idea of what you're talking about...apparently this is a trait you carry over into the DB Cooper investigation as well. Pathetic.
  11. Come on Mr. William Long, I'm waiting. I realize you're in Canada but it shouldn't take that long. Hey, you've got an article to go with here. Put your money where your mouth is.
  12. So I take it the bet is on? $1,000. Put your money where your mouth is.
  13. So I am not a domestic abuser after all. Where is the apology loser? Don't ever libel me again. Now, how about proving I was convicted or charged with criminal damage? It's public information. There would be a record of it. Where is it TrollJack? $1,000 is on the line.
  14. You talk a big game, so how about you put your money where your mouth is? Well Mr. "getting the truth and facts right is my priority" William Long, you just libeled me by calling me "a domestic abuser." How about you put up $1,000 to my $1,000, donated to charity of course? You come up with proof that I was convicted of or charged with domestic abuse and I will donate $1,000 to charity. On the other hand, if you fail to come up with that proof, you donate $1,000 and eat crow by publicly apologizing? Put your money where your mouth is Mr Long. Let's see how much truth really is your priority. BTW, if you think Blevins' ticket proves I was convicted or charged with domestic abuse, you may want to dig a little deeper...that is if truth really is your priority. I'll give you until tonight to decide. But, given that you think nothing of libeling people, you apparently won't need until tonight. I'm waiting TrollJack.