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  1. Howdy yall- Doing some shopping these days for my first rig and Im leaning towards a custom container and used everything else (not looking for feedback re my decision!)- Found some good used options for Firebird rigs, but Chuting Star is having a covid deal re a complete custom Evo + Reserve for 3300. That. Is cheap. "The Stimulus Package" Does anyone here jump the Evo? Have experience with the rush? Would love to get some opinions on the brand and equipment. Dont know anyone that jumps them. Ive been told (by a few people) a few mainstream pros use them but thats about it. Any anecdotal experience would be HUGE. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey everyone, Buying my first rig, all used, and found a great set up for me but did some research on the main (Fusion 170) and wasnt happy with what I found. Can anyone comment on the openings of a Fusion 170? There are tons of reviews stating very hard openings with forced turns on opening. I figured packing issues but very consist across different reviews. Open to any insight! Thanks, Ian