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    Yes. Contact Mike "Mad-Dog" Maguire @ UPT for details like your experience. I have over 6000 and I KNOW I have not seen anything nor everything yet. Bob
  2. Mixoligist

    Skydive Lake Wanaka Ltd

    Came from the US with 10 first time jumpers. Very professional and a great vibe. Really enjoyed everything about the DZ. Awesome.
  3. Mixoligist

    Pay the S&TA?

    Obama for S&TA
  4. Three years now, still think of Bob every day.
  5. Mixoligist

    TI's Be On Look Out (BOLO)

    new hardware or old??? I find the new ones (french?) slip alot..... the laterals mostly. Did you unhook the lower attachment to your passenger and if yes, was the canopy flight affected? Thanks for posting. it's good to walk away.
  6. Mixoligist

    Handcam how many d.z.'s do it

    We have no plans to complicate an already complicated skydive. Outside video & stills is by far a much better product. Flame away but I believe GREED invented the handy cam.
  7. Mixoligist

    AFF Instructors - Jumpsuit Preferences?

    dress for success..... it's that simple