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  1. surf4life11

    Mirage G3

    Well I just got my new G-3 and all I can say is I am trully impressed. It is gorgeous and I cannot wait to jump it. The fit is perfect, the articulation is outstanding and the comfort is unmatched.Compared to my old rig it is 100 times better. The riser covers, hip rings, rsl and hardware all look great and the construction is flawless. Thanks Mirage and I look forward to years of owning a Mirage.
  2. surf4life11

    Missouri River Valley Skydivers

    MRVS is where I started and finished my student progression. They welcomed me with open arms into their skydiving family. I would recommend anyone in Missouri that wants a great experience skydiving whether it be tandem, student jumps or experienced jumpers try this dropzone and have some fun. Blue skies!!!