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  1. My experience with this was: 1)Had to do 10 signed off pack jobs before I was allowed to pack my own if I had my own gear. 2)gear checks were part of my learning process. Everytime I went up with my instructor I was required to do a gear check on my own gear and then check the instructors gear. They would routinely mess something up and ask me to check to see if something was wrong. 3)3 ring maintenance was part of everything, I was required to disassemble and reassemble the 3 ring release on numerous ocassions. It was a thorough teaching curriculum and I hated it at the time but now understand why they did it that way and appreciate it all the time. Blues!
  2. Goals for 2005! -finish my B-license requirements(water training) and get it -get my coach rating -get canopies for my new container -continue to get better at freeflying and get some coaching -go to more DZ's around the country to jump instead of staying local -get some canopy coaching -learn,learn,learn!!! There is probably more I just can't thinnk right now. Blues!
  3. I started in March 2003 and by July had my A-license. Between July 2003 and October 2004 I made 79 Jumps and got my 100th in October. I am like many and at about 35 jumps got interested in freeflying and have not looked back. I am one of maybe 2 or 3 at my DZ that freefly but the only one that consistently does it so I was forced to learn from your advice on this forum and it helped me tremendously. My goals are to get my coach rating this year, get coached on freeflying from an expert freeflyer to get a whole lot better and progress on my canopy in a safe and reasonable manner. Swooping interests me very much and canopy piloting in general is something I want to learn as much as possible on. In 5 years, who knows. I know I want to become an instructor but I need to go somewhere where it is more active with students than my current DZ, I also want to go to more boogies and visit more DZ's in places like Florida, Arizona, California and all throughout the U.S. I really just need to put more jumps under my belt and progress in this wonderful skydiving life. My immediate goal though is to get the rest of my rig bought so I can jump ASAP. Cool thread! Blues!
  4. I can second that with Mirage. I put an order in on the 16th of Oct and I just got my G-3 yesterday, so a 4 week delivery on that was great. They kept us up to date on everything. Awesome service. I really do not see any cons to the Mirage G-3 or G-4 other than a difference in looks. They are both quality containers. As far as an Icon goes I have no knowledge of it.
  5. Well I just got my new G-3 and all I can say is I am trully impressed. It is gorgeous and I cannot wait to jump it. The fit is perfect, the articulation is outstanding and the comfort is unmatched.Compared to my old rig it is 100 times better. The riser covers, hip rings, rsl and hardware all look great and the construction is flawless. Thanks Mirage and I look forward to years of owning a Mirage.
  6. It took about 8-10 sit fly attempts before I was able to hold it for the better part of the dive and then about 20 jumps until I could hold it stable, no backsliding or movement other than going stright down the tube from exit to flattening out for deployment. Once you get it though it feels awesome.
  7. Man I don't know, this is my first year. Anyone know what kind of beer they have there usually??? Blues!
  8. Sure doen't feel like it! This week has gone by so slow and I don't start vacation until the 31st, this sucks but hey it all worth it in the end, can't wait to head out on the morning of the first, should get there about when the camp grounds open. Blues!
  9. Awesome, I was hoping there was going to be a load or two on Wednesday. Thanks for the info for us Couch Freak rookies. Can't wait. Blues!
  10. Party on Saturday night then make tandems on Sunday..... they better be careful cause jumping with a hangover is a bitch. Ah hell I'm sure I will end up doing that too. Wake up, jump all day, party all night for 5 days you can't beat it.
  11. Sweet can't even describe it bro. I am just pingin off walls everyday waiting for this to happen. It's gonna be awesome.
  12. From what I understand that is all part of the 40 dollar entry fee. Somebody correct me if I am wrong though. I am camping as well and everyone I have talked to at my DZ is camping either tent or trailer and have said nothing about extra money for a camping fee. Blues!
  13. I am and cannot wait to get there...... first boogie for me. opps thats beer!!! Ya baby, blues to all!
  14. I started after a few years of thinking about it and 2 knee surgeries. Started at 24 am now 25 but have noticed that a lot of the people in the sport are older.
  15. Thanks that helps a lot. Unfortunately coaching is not available to me immediately so I am forced to learn from others any way I can. Your post makes so much sense and I can visualize exactly what you were saying. Thanks again for the advice.