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  1. Website and social media don’t seem to have been updated in a while. Wondering if there’s a chance they’ll open again. Thanks
  2. Holy smokes ! I'm so truly sorry for "hitting you wrong" by suggesting maybe you were mistaken about the wind speed in your tunnel session. Let me preface this by saying that I'm not expert on anything especially tunnel operation so my comment was purely just me making a harmless passive comment. That said, your post came across like you showed up to the tunnel explained you needed to work on free fall skills and as a result they put the wind at 120mph to better replicate free fall for you. In my limited experience in the tunnel, that isn't necessarily how it works. Another posted tried to explain it to you above. When I did my first tunnel session I overheard the instructor saying to put me on "100" i thought that meant 100% power (like an idiot) so when I was talking to another skydiver later that day I said that they had me on 100% power and I was informed that it was definitely 100mph and how its not atypical to have a new tunnel flyer/aff student fly with a lower wind speed in the tunnel for various reasons. I don't think you're a liar, I guess I just assumed there was a possibility you were mistaken about the actual wind speed you flew in - like I was. Cheers.
  3. Doubtful simply means improbable, or unlikely, in this context. Not "impossible". I think your reaction to a simple suggestion is demonstrative enough. Cheers
  4. I didn't call you a liar but don't let your fragile ego get in the way of a healthy discussion, killer.
  5. Who took a leak in your corn flakes, cowboy? ::posts in forum:: ::gets angry when people respond:: Cheers!
  6. yeah I think this was where the confusion was coming from. I remember discussing ground speed of the aircraft, the upper winds and free fall drift and how that effects the exit order by discipline... I've just never been on a load like that. I feel like all the loads I've jumped on it's been 10+ seconds.... especially as an AFF student with the climb out and checking with instructors and getting up the nerve to step off the aircraft. appreciate the post.
  7. Right on, yeah I couldn't quite figure out what was going on and I wasn't sure if it was due to not enough separation out the door, someone tracking or flying their canopy up jump run, or someone pulled higher/lower than planned... It just seemed weird. I have so little experience that I don't think I quite have the bandwidth quite yet to keep track of canopies in free fall so when I saw this video I stopped and tried to figure out what was going on. My first few jumps I had no traffic in the air with me, my next 3 there was traffic but everyone (other students) were well low of me by the time I was open... I think this is where this idea of vertical separation is coming from. I did land before 1 girl that opened before me tho because of my wing loading. I'm excited to learn more about all this. Thanks for posting - just wanted to see how accurate my gut reaction was or if it was just me missing something.
  8. Perhaps my reaction to the video is indicative of my experience and my currency. I just stumbled upon it looking at coach jump videos and my first reaction was "yikes".... It appears there is zero vertical separation and the student actually opens up lower than the blue canopy that was open before him. Just didn't seem normal to me.. I'm going to be sure to bring this concern up with my instructor during my recurrency seeing as I'm still learning how to spot. Cheers
  9. What do y'all think of this skydive? I just stumbled across it on youtube and it seemed like it was pretty sketchy. You can see the two way open up on the right side of the frame at 1:20... you see another canopy almost on level and on the other side of the student jumper as he opens... ... and I think the fourth canopy is opening on level with the coach as he opens. I'm a student and something that kinda bugs me about safety is not having control over the actions of other jumpers and how a poor decision or confusion on the load could put myself, or someone else, or multiple people in a bad spot. In the loading area before one of my AFF jumps, a tracking group was unaware that jump run had changed - for example.
  10. Thanks John! yeah the tunnel was extremely helpful, even that first 10 min... was a great confidence boost after a 5 month layover between my Cat B and Cat C1. Cheers.
  11. My name is Tim and I'm an AFF Student w/ 6 jumps and 10 minutes in the tunnel. I started @ Jumptown in late September, just recently spent some time down in DeLand hoping to finish AFF work towards my license but grounded because of winds most of the time. So far I love the sport and can't wait to keep learning. Hoping to finish AFF and my coach jumps this April @ Jumptown then maybe I'll see some of you around New England going forward. Cheers