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  1. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge whether a Smart 190 reserve canopy will fit in a VC4 Curve 2.0? There is conflicting data online. It’s not listed by name as compatible but according to the pack capacity and the packable volume it should fit. I called Rigging Innovations but quite honestly, the rep I spoke with didn’t really fill me with confidence in his answer. So what all do you think?
  2. There weren’t any vendors at our last local boogie.
  3. The jaw measurement was the one that concerned me. Now I just have find one of those thingies. Lol
  4. Has anyone ordered a “custom” TFX helmet by doing their own measurements? If so, how did it come out? Good fit? With my location getting a fitting from a rep is not an option. thanks
  5. Hello, can anyone point me towards an AFF program in eastern Kansas, eastern Nebraska, or northwest Missouri? I’ve used the dropzone finder but I’m suspecting that some of that info must be dated. Recommendations are welcome! thanks