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  1. hey anyone know what happen to Allen? his website isnt' working any more and i wanted to get something... anyone know him or how to get ahold of him???? PM me, if you know anything... ALLEN WHERE ARE YOU???? I want to BUY something =) you should be happy i want to give you money
  2. ummm.... why do i have a feeling pics and video are about to show up soon...
  3. hey i'm good folks.. found a ride =)
  4. ok, i hate to do this... but looks like i'll need a ride from the airport to the dz on xmas day... anyone around????? (i had a ride, but looks like they are now goin the other direction to the beach and not the dz... so yeah... last minute plea for me) anyone anyone??? PRETTY PLEASE!! PM me
  5. hey Krisanne... ME TOO CANT WAIT!!!! but i wasnt as smart as you i only bought tickets a few weeks ago . flying in XMAS MORNING... dont leave till the 2nd!!! bomb squad here i come! omg... it's been too long... is it WED yet?!?!?!
  6. Mmmmm...mmmmmm....mmmmmmm :P yeah yeah yeah... i said you can hold your tongue! ... so i'm coming down for the holiday... most likely after xmas and through the 2nd =) cant wait to see you!
  7. actually i might be going TDY up to teach some stuff at the academy soon =) =)
  8. hey at least you didnt post another "how you doing" OMG your not taking these serious are you, just in case, How you doin? Come on lighten up, your divorced now. lol... you dont know me that well i guess... that was a total sarcastic comment to brandon bc he told me he was gonna post a "how you doin" lol
  9. hey at least you didnt post another "how you doing"
  10. Since Billy pointed out that you're married (I can still read his post ), let me add that probably all of us who know both of you will agree that she IS the better half. Behave! thanks skymama (i dont know what was deleted) but thanks
  11. alright folks, I've been MIA I know, but I have been busy... and as of THIS morning, I'm officially in the damn stupid D category... that's right I'm divorced... sucks to say that , but happy it happened. and for the record... all of y'all that told me so a few years ago, you can hold your tongue. I admit I was young and not thinking... I fixed it now though, blah blah blah... what's my damn number? oh and I went back to my maiden name so if you remember what that is, that's my name again
  12. ahh.... so the tg1 has the port for a hypeye instead of a cameye... i didnt know that, thanks
  13. Hey Cookie, Got a quick question for you about the TG1 set up. The specs on the TG1 say there is NO LANC terminal... isn't that what you need for a cameye hook up... I thought the video or pic I saw showed you had a cameye hooked up to the TG1 set up... how'd you do that?
  14. yup =) it was an awesome 6-way! you guys rock.. gosh i miss zhills.. and thanks mike for the 30 minute canopy ride!
  15. i have a big superman S on my helmet.. im kinda hard not to find