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  1. Tangra

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Hi everyone, This has been an interesting thread to read while the ink dries on my A license card. Before I throw my $0.02 in, I do have one question. When do the changes to the license requirements take place? According to the USPA website "effective with the release of the 2019-2020 Skydiver’s Information Manual." When does this happen? In general I am pretty happy that the USPA exists. The liability insurance alone is worth the annual dues. Being able to earn a license at several DZs is a benefit of a standardized program. Some are seasonal, some go under, and a person can take what they have already earned from one to the next if they want or have to. The museum thing seems like a neat idea too. It would be nice to see the gear used in times past in person. My problem is with the changes to the B and C licenses. And it's not the changes themselves I have a problem with, but why. This is globalism in action. I don't care what the French or the British do. As others have suggested there are separate competition licenses that can have those requirements added. I am never going to spend a penny of my hard earned American money in those places and I resent their 'nanny state' rules creeping into my freedom loving way of life. Mark my words, with this disastrous idea to allow international norms to dictate Americans' actions, you will see the french canopy sizing requirements here in the good ol' US of A soon. I got in this to do speed skydiving. I have my reasons. While some of the belly stuff seems like it could be fun, with the right people, I have zero desire to ever freefly, especially in large groups. While it might not seem burdensome to some, to those people who are interested in perusing a solo discipline it absolutely is. cheers, Tangra