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  1. No worries man , il get a few or more on 210 then a 190 zp before I think about using it , Might just save for a 190 zp while I’m renting Il come back and say how it went in a couple/few months Thanks again :)
  2. i did get a rigger to look at the harness for me , was not a full inspection but i looked it over and a few instructors gave the thumbs up regarding harness size too any gear i use will be fully inspected before using but i did not with the main/reserve before buying as it was free
  3. i know older reserves are ok as long as they have been checked but im 28 just seems wrong to make my last option one that's older than me :P and ok thanks for explaining , i was wondering how a 218 fit inside and yeah that's what ive been keeping my eye out for a pdr176 don't mind old just looking for something younger than me lol and yeah im on a budget but i only bought the kit for the container/harness it was 300gbp , and the guy said' fu%k it you can have the lot' and gave me the main and reserve free , saying there perfectly good he was using them before he bought his new rig , he was a kinda new jumper , and no i never got it inspected but i was advised before buying it to get a 190 but i was hunting for ages for a harness that fit my 6.3 skinny self and held a 190 so i pounced on this javelin it fits perfect
  4. OK, I'm going to open a large can of worms here. How big is the reserve in your Javelin J3? You are wondering if a 190 is appropriate for you as a main. I'll bet your back up plan is quite a bit smaller...... nothing is packed in it at the mo ,,,im confused about this subject the reserve that was in it while the last guy owned it was a raven II of the top of my head i think its 218 or close i cant remember but sunpath says it can only take a 160-170 reserve on the website so im thinking the ravenII is too big , its 29yo anyways so im not using it , just saying about the size i also have a swift plus (175 i think ) thats 25 yo lol still not keen on that ether tho , only two live uses but id be much more happy with a younger one
  5. pssst hey. Mage in my most offensive Hispanic voice I sell you a good 230 0p ,fresh reline, complete rig 249 sg ft reserve new old stock. Only a couple or 3 repack. She’s tighter than my sister senjior h. But it’s a big boy rig what size human we talking here .? lol i'm ok :D ,,thanks though :) don't even think a 230 would fit my javelin its a j3 if i can save enough penny's il get a newer main , getting turned off the idea of even using it now lol il see what mr rigger says and thanks again everyone for the advise :) its appreciated
  6. no i did not know for sure the answer already or i would not have asked, and this is defiantly a good place for info my local dz has 5-6 instructors i wonder how many are here on dropzone ive found out something about my canopy i did not know and ive gotten some good advise when the season starts i plan to ask my dz but it helps to get info from everywhere thanks everyone who commented , il take the advise on bored , i had not really considered the swap from zp to f111 side of things , il get used to a 190 before making the swap :)
  7. im just over 85kg with my rig on ,after weighing myself with the rig when i bought it a couple of months ago we worked out my wing loading was 0.99 and no idea how many jumps its got (still need my rigger to check it before i use it ) it came free with the container but is meant to be in a good condition
  8. well i am English so health care is free :D ...just kidding ..point taken the reason i asked is the swap from 270 to 250 and from 250 to 230 felt like no change at all and tbh i was planning on doing a few on a 210 but had a niggling feeling that i might be wasting my money so i thought id get advise
  9. hey :) im a newly qualified jumper , 30 jumps total , started jumping on a 270 , after 1 jump the instructor downsized me to 250 , i stayed on 250 until jump 20 , and now have 9-10 stand up landings on a 230 i have now bought my own rig its an old javelin with a pd190 f111 main is it safe to downsize 40sqft in one go or should i do some jumps on a hired 210 first ??? thanks shaun