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  1. Hey everyone! Trying to get together a one stop shop for all boogie information and these are what I've found so far for 2018 If there are any missing please let me know! My goal is to hit as many boogies this year as feasibly possible and the more comprehensive the list, the easier it will be to plan out the tour. *The Boogie Calendar will be on the Blue Skies App once we get everything finished up (hopefully by Spring) and release it all on the app store! Thanks and Blue Skies, -Anna 3/15-3/18 FitzBoogie Skydive Fitzgerald GA 3/16-3/18 Last Drop Boogie Zhills (Skydive City) FL 3/17-3/25 Spring Fling Florida Skydiving FL 3/19-3/19 Tiki Boogie Skydive New England ME 3/23-4/1 Annual Easter Boogie Skydive City FL 3/23-3/25 Easter Boogie Lone Star TX 3/30-4/1 SIS Boogie: Full Moon Masquerade Perris CA 3/31-4/1 Easter Boogie Skydive Arizona AZ 4/6-4/9 Opening Weekend Chicagoland IL 4/25-4/26 Season Opener Cross Keys NJ 4/27-4/29 Birthday Boogie Spaceland Atlanta GA 5/4-5/6 Cinco de Mayo Boogie Skydive Orange CA 5/25-5/25 Old Farts Boogie Skydive Taft CA 5/29-6/3 CarolinaFest Skydive Carolina SC 6/8-6/10 SIS Boogie Jumptown MA 6/14-6/17 Head to the Hills Seven Hills Skydivers WI 6/19-6/24 Solstice Boogie Alaska Skydive Center AK 6/21-6/24 Dink Dink Boogie Hastings, MI MI 6/30-7/1 Patriot's Boogie Skydive Arizona AZ 7/3-7/8 Independence Boogie Chicagoland IL 7/4-7/8 4th of July/HALO Cross Keys NJ 7/6-7/8 American Revolution Skydive Spaceland TX 7/6-7/8 4th of July SIS Boogie Skydive Orange CA 7/12-7/14 SIS Boogie Des Moines Skydivers IA 7/19-7/23 Dawg Daze CRW Boogie Chicagoland IL 7/28-8/5 Summerfest Skydive Chicago IL 8/3-8/5 Farm Block Boogie Skydive Georgia GA 8/4-8/12 Lost Prairie Boogie Meadow Peak Skydiving MO 8/22-8/26 The Big O Boogie Skydive Orange CA 8/23-8/26 SKSPC Cheese Boogie Skydive Milwaukee WI 8/24-8/27 Barefoot Skydive Pepperll MA 8/25-8/26 Fiesta Boogie Cross Keys NJ 9/15-9/15 Film Festival Cross Keys NJ 9/22-9/25 Mother of All Boogies Moab UT 9/29-9/30 Rookiefest Skydive Chicago IL 10/20-10/20 Bridge Day New River Gorge WV 10/26-10/28 Halloween Carnivale Skydive Arizona AZ 10/27-10/27 Halloween Cross Keys NJ 11/22-11/25 Thanksgiving Boogie Skydive Arizona AZ 12/8-12/8 End of Season Holiday Party Cross Keys NJ 12/22-1/1/19 Christmas Boogie Skydive Arizona AZ ?? Water Boogie NM ?? Invasion Sebastian FL
  2. That's absolutely correct. What I see more of is the inability to make loads due to a lack of people. Rather than too many people there to be able to manifest outside of Boogies. So I don't necessarily need ALL the data for people at the drop zone. If it provides enough data for jumpers to know that the drop zone has enough people jumping to put up loads I feel like that will also be helpful. Due to real time updates of wind reports / winds aloft and weather conditions, it will be helpful for jumpers to continue use of the app while at the drop zone and it may be possible to pull data of how many people are pulling that data from a particular DZ location. Thus showing they are currently there, trying to jump. This will likely be a feature that comes with an update once user base increases to the point that this is actually helpful information. I'm just looking for ways to make this tool as useful as possible to jumpers.
  3. We are pulling the exact same data as that link you provided. [[ ]] Also, I was looking for feedback as you which option may be more helpful: user interaction as to the number of jumps they typically can make in a day, or tracking the number of fun-jumpers on their way to the DZ so we know the odds of being able to make loads? Personally, I think the number of people going would be more beneficial. I know on days I went and got stuck hanging around the DZ, having other fun-jumpers there to hang out with made all the difference between still having a good time and feeling like I wasted a day.
  4. Really quickly, would you say that when driving hours to go to these DZs and only being able to get 1 or 2 loads, was it because there weren’t enough fun jumpers there to make loads? Or it’s a DZ that generally only puts up less than 10 loads a day? I’m trying to think of ways to integrate this information into the app and there’s a couple ways that come to mind immediately. 1. Allowing jumpers to input their number of jumps they’re generally able to do that day to have an average for slower drop zones. 2. Or if it’s a lack of fun jumpers, we could display the number of jumpers who requested directions to that DZ each day to give a general idea of how many licensed jumpers may be there in order to make loads each day?
  5. Good news!! We have officially started development for this Blue Skies App, which is gonna be pretty rad, if I do say so myself. I want to reach out to jumpers to see what we can do to make it most useful to you. Basics: Using either your current location or a desired location, it will pull up all the nearest DZ's and the weather reports with winds, temp and cloud coverage predictions for a desired jump day. Also, for DZ's that maintain their profile, they will be able to provide all the license jumper related information (because we all know their websites are catered to tandems only!). Two things: 1. If you want to back to app and maybe get a sweet t-shirt, you can do so here: (Right now all costs are solely being covered by yours truly because I need this app to start working so I can keep my license current in Dallas ) 2. Your home DZ has terrible weather that weekend, but you want to jump. What is the main deciding factor outside of better weather that will make you travel to a different DZ? (i.e. RV hookups / boogies / A license min w/rental gear / indoor packing floor with carpet) -Anna Belle Beauchamp p.s. we have all kinds of super cool features we're adding a bit later on such as universal event list for all the boogies and training camps nationwide/internationally. We just want to get this out as a tool for us to use while we work on the extra features.