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  1. I don't remember the manufacturer, but I just saw an older man with a new rig that had soft, fabric cutaway and reserve handles -- they were made of material similar to pillows but were small loops, smaller than a metal d-ring. He bought them because his hands were weaker grip-wise and he could put a thumb through them to pull them whereas he couldn't do the same thing with traditional pillows. Might be worth looking into if you want the easy-to-activate benefit of a ring but also more protection against handles being pulled accidentally? Even if grip strength isn't a problem?
  2. Has anyone ever used a tether for a hook knife to prevent losing it if you drop it?
  3. >In the mean time, any reasons not to use the ski helmet? I'd need someone more experienced to weigh in on this, but maybe the possibility of entanglement with the goggle strap on the back, the helmet cupping a lot of air because it might not be as form-fitting as a skydiving helmet, or any difficulty getting rid of it quickly should you need to in the air for whatever reason? Incidentally, I'm new to full-face helmets: is there ever an issue with getting into a sticky spot and needing to get them off quickly? And if so, what the best procedure for that is?
  4. Hey everyone, Does using double-front risers on final make a canopy more susceptible to turbulence? Say, by decreasing line tension or deforming the airfoil?