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  1. Ya, I've heard a lot of crap like that. A couple that come to mind are "Global warming will cause 180,000 more rapes by 2099!" and "Global warming is directly related to terrorism!"
  2. Nonsense. As if two notable, liberal journalists broke the story and then published it in the left leaning New York Times just to distract all of us from Trump? The fact is that Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey investigated the Weinstein story for about 4 months as part of a commitment by the NYT to expose sexual harassment this year. Good interview with Jodi Kantor: His story broke by the hands of the liberal media as well, and was initially overshadowed by the "shenanigans in the White House," not the other way around. I didn't hear him specifically admit to pedophilia, but even if his actions resulted in sex with the 14 year old victim, it doesn't necessarily mean he's a pedophile. Not all pedophiles molest children, and not all child molesters are pedophiles. W. . .TF?
  3. As far as I’ve seen, that’s not what the negative reaction is about. The negative reaction concerns the timing, not the statement itself. Ya, because that's the real offense here! Let's make a big deal about his bad timing, while the sexual assault of a 14 year-old sits on the back burner. I understand that nobody likes their groups or lifestyles being portrayed in a negative light, but by entertaining this idea, they've essentially played right into Underwood's attempt at deflection.
  4. Wow, and they call Christians judgmental. . . And as I understand it, once the law is broken you're condemned, so THAT's your "enforcement." At that point your only hope is faith in Christ, right?
  5. She Flip-Flopped: "Here you have a president who I can tell you and guarantee you is in collusion with the Russians to undermine our democracy. Here you have a president that has obstructed justice. And here you have a president that lies every day," Waters said . . Do you believe her now?
  6. I haven't really been following this, but if there is something here in the "collusion emails" then it should all come out. I would love for these two political giant assholes to be put to sleep, permanently. It would humble us as a nation and allow a fresh start. . . wishful thinking?
  7. Anything is possible at the Christ Medical Center, even without a penis! Have some faith. . .
  8. Ya, best World Series yet. Would've been nice to see Verlander put L.A to sleep last night, but oh well, game 7 it is. Hard to bet against the dodgers at this point. Just have to wait for Roberts to pull his pitcher in the 5th again.
  9. I didn't realize the religious nutters were competing in the biggest asshole contest. TheirTHEY'RE not, but the anti religious nutters have to blame something. So let's blame trucks then. Hear, hear! A hue and cry to end Truck Violence is warranted! Do you realize that anyone can obtain a truck without a background check or waiting period? With only a driver's license and a credit card one can obtain a truck in minutes in any one of a number of locations within minutes of where I sit. This is madness! Think of the children! Ban modified stock cars! Could you imagine the damage if found in the hands of a nutter! (actually, my bad. There really is no reason to rub it in. The war against guns is all but lost. . .)
  10. I almost have a bigger problem with how the right has dealt with these indictments, than the indictments themselves. It truly is embarrassing. At what point do we put aside the "us vs them" and say, "ok wait, that's fucked up?" I should also point out that upon an unfortunate series of events, I've been put into a position where I must watch FOX News almost constantly. While most shows in the morning/prime time tend to make excuses for Trump, there are plenty of reasonable FOX journalists/shows during the day that give a fair, balanced and at times, critical view of the situation - Dana Perino, Shepard Smith, Bret Baier, Neil Cavuto, Chris Wallace, Charles Krauthammer, etc., along with many other left wing contributers as well. . .
  11. This thread is just further proof that people still care too fucking much about this for them to release the details yet. . .
  12. I don't know about that, it seems brown people are overrepresented when it comes to their fair share of killings, at least in this country anyway - maybe even in the world, unless perhaps you count the 100+ millions killed by white Eastern European atheists. . . (Is this the type of racist dialogue that gets you off?) Your response is really no different than Trump's when he says, "but, but, what about Hillary?"
  13. That's what I love about this reality TV show. If I were the writer, I'd use this investigation to make Mueller the greatest American hero of all time and smoke out the whole fucking lot of them - everyone - all the launderers and crooked lobbyists on both sides. In a "real world," Trump would fall, along with Hillary when all said and done . . .I mean, if those damning emails that Trump was trying to get his hands on really exist, then it's only a matter of time - and they'd both be history. Mueller for President - perfect ending.
  14. In the mid 90s we'd burn popcorn in our dorm to mask the smell of weed, and nobody threw us out of a window. By sophomore year, we learned that our Indian roommate's curry dishes along with our Arab roommate's Hookah were a better combo with our American "stinkin' weed." 20 years later, our Arab roommate is now an oncologist who reefers "select patients" to our American roommate's medical marijuana dispensary. Those "select patients" then go out to our Indian roomate's restaurant for munchi, er, dinner once a month. . .I love this country!