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    Mom and Son

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    Nervous energy - FJC tomorrow - gaaah!

    Hey Melissa.... Wow, first jump course tomorrow? Where are you jumping? I see you are from Woodbury so I can only guess your jumping at Skydive Twin Cities and it just so happens I'm gonna be your instructor tomorrow
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    Some guy promised me wings but now he's dead

    No worry, Vincent from Europe... I went to your profile in hopes to see where you live to offer advise on maybe where to go and just seeing your name as "jon bon jovi" and nothing else, well I couldn't offer advise to that. I wish you luck with your future skydiving and welcome to the fourms... hopefully someone can offer suggestions for dropzone in Europe, maybe you can search for help.
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    First paid tandem.....chop!!.......anyone else?

    Not on my first, but I now have 16 tandem chops.............. Did you go buy your beer ?????