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  1. Nurit

    Start Skydiving

    I am uneasy flying and I had a WONDERFUL time hurtling towards Earth today. Seriously. I know everyone on the plane had his/her doubts about whether or not I would jump out as they watched me, trembling like a leaf, in my constipated terror. And honestly, when the door opened and it was time to go, I questioned my sanity and wanted to tell everyone where to go. But my tandem partner Larry was wonderful, reassuring, and such a stand that I get to experience this that I couldn't resist. I've heard several people say that it doesn't feel like you're falling when you leave the plane. Correction: YOU. FEEL. LIKE. YOU. ARE. FALLING. But it was exhilarating and peaceful, a magic unlike you will feel anywhere else. Factories, neighborhoods, and fields wink at you all teeny weeny down below. Larry said it so perfectly: you burst through the clouds and it looks like someone has thrown a planet at you. When the parachute is deployed, you are floating, sneakers dangling high above soccer fields and swimming pools, as you spin on the wind like the most enlivening and divine roller coaster. It is clear that everyone loves what they do and takes this very seriously. I never once questioned my safety and I would happily do this again. So much so, that I immediately bought another jump pass. Me, the constipated trembler who's afraid to fly. I cannot recommend skydiving enough, and more importantly, the whole crew at Start Skydiving (especially Larry). Thank you, everyone, for a magnificent ride.