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  1. I jump at a DZ that has a ~130ft offset from take off to landing. My Atlas has a very simple offset function that displays the number of feet offset and direction while it's in ground mode. I'd like for it to do it while we're in the climb, but that data is replaced by the climb rate which I also like so it's not the end of the world. I also really like the convenience of the logbook on the Atlas. It's nice to double check how many jumps I've done in the day at a glance on the plane, or in completing some logging at the end of the day. My L&B works great if I'm at a different DZ with no offset or intention of logging or referring to that jump after the fact. The series of convoluted button pushes required to get to the different functions on L&B products is baffling, and doesn't align with any other modern consumer UI. I treat it effectively as an analog altimeter than shows numbers differently. I prefer my mudflap to be an analog, but I think that might be the best application for L&B products in my specific case. I hated using the Ares so much I gave it away for 5 packjobs and will replace my Atlas when it breaks (again) with another because it's got everything I like. Tl:Dr Atlas>Ares
  2. TomEagle


    I've not jumped other full faces, but have tried the standard cookie and phantoms on. The sizing roughly correlates to other brands. I couldn't fit into a L cookie, but fit just fine in an XL. The XL Kiss works well for me. The visor opening/closing is a little tough if you're jumping in cold weather wearing heavy gloves, but closing the chin cup to keep it on your head is easier, so it's a bit of a trade off. All in all, I've very happy with it, and would recommend it to anyone.