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  1. I'm in exactly the same situation at Liverpool University. It would be a lot easier to set up if you could find a few of existing skydivers at uni to spread the administative burden and build from there. There's bound to at least a couple of skydivers knocking around that you don't know about. you can put up a few posters now to start raising awareness for the next fresher fair BTW, if anyone reads this who is a skydiver at Liverpool University get in touch with me ASAP
  2. Thanks, but from the general level of response I can see why we haven't already got an existing club...
  3. Are there any skydivers studying at the University of Liverpool or even Liverpool John Moores University interested in forming a skydiving club? If we get a bunch together we've got a chance of securing transportation to and from the dropzone. Email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  4. I noticed Basic Research offers anodized hardware as an option on their Reactor4 BASE container...
  5. It's amazing that they don't suffer from hypoxia at that altitude - and it's cold enough to freeze your proverbials off!
  6. Dave, you're absolutely right, but there are some birds which can fly over 30,000ft - There's always an exception to the rule.
  7. Here's an odd question..Has anyone ever struck a bird in freefall? If so, how hard was the impact? I only ask out of curiousity - I haven't ever hit anything myself...