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  1. Hello sky folk, I just want to share my first cutaway story, it's always helpful to see what the experienced skydivers have to say about it and it can be helpful for the beginners also. I'm a new skydiver, started last year with now 160 jumps (including the static line student jumps). The weekend before last I made a low altitude jump from 1000 meters which I'm very used to, when I deployed my parachute I've got instantly twisted lines and risers, it seemed that I can't do nothing so I cutaway directly. Why did it happen? I've done a bunch of mistakes. First, I was really distracted by real life things (moving, new job, etc.) so I shouldn't get close to a drop zone in that day at first place. Second, there wasn't much time before the loading to that lift and I wanted to catch up so I packed fast and ran to the airplane, I thought I have time to calm down before I jump but I didn't. Third, we decided to jump on 2 groups in order to make sure that everyone can land in the field and to minimize the risk of landing outside of the field, I was the last to jump in the first group, and I was a lot hesitated when I jumped, which made me deploy in an unstable body position, It felt like it's already late to jump which made me not thinking about my body position,however, all I thought about was to deploy as fast as possible to gain more altitude and be able to land safely, it wasn't risky at all to jump as the last one in that group and it was a pure beginner wrong estimating of the situation plus wrong prioritizing to prioritize deploying to correct body position when there's already a good margin of time. It's not the end of the story. My rigger has packed my reserve parachute and inspected my gear, he said that he has found a tangled toggle among the lines and risers, which means that I didn't stow one of the brakes properly. He's totally convinced that it was all about packing mistake and not the bad body position (which may has made the situation worst but it would have been twisted lines anyway according to him). What I've learned: 1- Never jump and better not to even go to a DZ if I'm mentally much distracted by life's problems. It can be dangerous. 2- Never rush and stress before loading no matter what. 3- STOW the brakes well. I don't know why it feels bad, it's like I failed or did something very wrong. What do you guys have to say about it?